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The State of Baylor Sports Right Now ... In GIFs!

Because you need something to keep you going right now.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you have not forgotten that there was never a GIF post following the Fiesta Bowl. In all honesty, it was too painful and I do not have an arsenal of sad GIFs big enough to thoroughly do justice to that showing.

In order to make it up to you ... I present, the current state of Baylor Sports in GIFs!

When trying to make sense of the collapse of Baylor Men's basketball.

When people ask me when the next Hype Video is coming out.

Opposing defenses when Odyssey Sims gets going.

When other fans pass McLane Stadium on I-35

Watching the Winter Olympics as a placeholder for Baylor Football

When you realize you are in public yelling at the refs for making bad calls.

Seeing personal records being set every #fullspeedfriday

When you realize that we're 2-8 in conference play.

Watching now-former Baylor players being discussed as pro prospects. Then realizing they are gone forever.

Kim Mulkey if she coached soccer.

When you discover someone with the same opinion of Scott Drew as you.

What it's like watching a Brady Heslip corner three in slow motion.

When you hear a longhorn fan go from saying Charlie Strong was their first choice to suddenly admitting Baylor has been better lately.

When you saw that there was a GIF post.

Walking up to the keyboard to put your own GIFs in the comments.