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Baylor Destroys GIFs!

Tedvid is swamped, so it falls to me to bring you this week's .gifs!

Brett Deering

Suddenly: Chris Callahan

OU Scores its first Touchdown, in relatively easy fashion.

Possibly questionable Offensive PI call causes Baylor's next offensive drive to go nowhere...

And suddenly, Baylor's down 14-3

Petty not looking like you hoped he'd look

PICK SIX!!! Oh wait. Almost.

But still... Hager interception.

Baylor retakes the lead!

Refs miss a defensive holding/PI call?

But then a roughing the kicker penalty?

Seeing the stat about Art Briles teams when leading by double digits at half

Petty absolutely picks apart the defense, that gives receivers ALL the space

The dawning realization that you can watch the rest of the game stress-free

Oakman sacks Knight, Knight injured on the play

Seeing Petty, Drango, and Trevor's twin brother Connor kneel to pray

Seeing the score of the A&M-Auburn Game

Gary Patterson mentions Minnesota just beat Iowa

Seeing a link to another article saying Baylor should be ranked ahead of TCU

TCU fan tries to talk about Strength of Schedule

Baylor goes back to work today to prepare for Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State realizes they're next