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Baylor Smashes Texas ... in GIFs

Bring me the GIFs, all of them. Every last one.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Jumping right into it this week! Since you know ... you got a hype video and everything.

Me to all of the tweets wondering where this post is:

Trying to watch the game with the ridiculous shadow on the field.

Texas Fans in that first half.

Baylor fans in that first half.

But that blocked field goal return by Terrell Burt had you like

Shawn Oakman is a monster.

When Swoopes fumbled the snap.

Texas, allow me to introduce you too ... Spencer Roth.

Bryce Petty connects with Antwan Goodley (finally)

Shock Linwood all game

We need to convert on fourth down, WAIT DID WE JUST SCORE? Art .. how did you just do that?

Finding out Jamal Palmer is out for the season.

Dealing with TCU fans this week.

And finally .... post yours in the comments!