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Baylor falls to West Virginia ... in GIFs

Bear in mind, I am not responsible for nightmares. You clicked on your own accord.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully this helps provide some levity to what was an incredibly dim weekend for Baylor fans across the country. You know the drill by now so let's get straight to it (and don't forget to check the comments)!

Andrew Billings goes beast mode and forces that turnover to start the game.

Bryce Petty connects to Corey Coleman and you're all like ...

But then WVU's offense got going.

The secret to Kevin White's superior-ness

But Corey Coleman LAID THAT DUDE OUT.

Just don't get near Taylor Young because he is a 5'8" Hulk.

Baylor Nation putting the Big 12 refs on watch.

But seriously, every time a flag came out you were like ..

Baylor's offensive line dealing with Shaquille Riddick

Attempting to make sense of why the offense looked foreign, rickety and broken

Trying to get turnt for another potential comeback at the end only to see Bryce throw it into triple coverage and out of bounds.

When the game finally ended and reality set in.

Troy Baker is out for the year?!

After people ask you what you thought about the game.

or ...

Realizing we have Kansas at HOME next.

We still have a solid chance at winning the Big 12? All is not lost you say?

Be sure to post yours in the comments!