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SEMIFINALS -- 2013 Nick Pants Gifpocalypse

The voting has died down somewhat in the Quarterfinals with four relatively clear-cut favorites leading the pack. We have our semifinalists.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long day here at ODB what with the site being down for the majority, comments not working for the rest, and little to nothing going on in the Baylor world aside from the announcement about the BANC this morning. Let's liven things up a bit. Below are the four semifinalists from our impromptu gif tournament, designed to unearth the best Nick Pants .gif of the 2013 season. To be honest, I'm a bit shocked that Blurred Lines, my personal favorite, finished a distant 8th out of 9 options in the quarterfinals. I was also very surprised that HexTex finished seventh considering where it began in this round of voting. That's how the cookie crumbles, I guess. The Wildcard entry, Tevin Burnin' managed to make quite the impression with a late run, finishing fifth in the quarterfinals. I'm glad it was able to get the due it deserved, regardless.

So here are our Final 4, whittled down from over 270 .gifs in Nick Pants' arsenal. In this round of voting, you should choose your 2 favorite that will compete for the Championship next week. If you don't mind, share this post on your facebook, should you have one, so we can get as many votes as possible! Out of fear of an ordering bias, I've randomized the choices.

1. BlackOUt

2. DragonBriles Z

3. KJ Negs Shepard

4. Petty Trolls Patterson

As always, we bask in the glory of the Flaming Car .Gif. I won't post it here for fear of it outshining the competititors.