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QUARTERFINALS -- 2013 Nick Pants Gifpocalypse

Upon motion from the previous thread, I have decided to conduct the GifPocalypse as a tournament over the next week or two. We've got 8 gifs that made it through the first round of voting plus a wildcard nominated by myself.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With nearly 2,000 votes entered in the original poll, it's time to move to the second round of this year's Gifpocalypse that I didn't actually know we'd have until this morning.  We're having fun now!

On suggestion from the esteemed Mr. Pope, I determined that the Flaming Car Gif was simply in a class of its own.  It has therefore been excepted from the remainder of this competition as exemplary.  Know that it received the most votes in the first round.  I would expect that to happen again.  For posterity:

Long live the Flaming Car Gif!

Now to the Quarterfinalists -- CHOOSE 3--

1. Petty Trolls Patterson

2. BlackOUt

3. KJ Negs Shepard

4. Case Closed

5. DragonBriles Z

6. HexTex

7. KJ Rockets

8. Blurred Lines

WILDCARD SUBMISSION -- Reese Burns Kansas State