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The Official 2013 Nick Pants Gifpocalypse

Let's have some fun this weekend with no football. Choose your favorite 5 Nick_Pants gifs!


Tonight, after over a full day of wonderful nominations from the ODB Commentariat, we're opening the Official Nick Pants Gif Challenge. With a poll of over 270 now whittled down to 25, we can finally determine our favorite Nick Pants Gifs from this year. Thankfully, several nominations put up the same gifs, so we're not still overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Because there's not a really great way to do this within the SB Nation system and I wasn't totally crazy about just doing a straight vote to choose one from so many, I got a little bit of outside help to make a poll that allows you to choose your five favorites. That means the top 5 vote getters here will be the five official favorites of the ODB community. Look in amazement at the gifs below and then choose wisely, my friends.


1. Case Closed

2. Blurred Lines

3. BlackOUt

4. KJ Rockets

5. Complete Flaming Car


7. Linwood hits the JukeStick

8. Lache Dancin'

9. FringeMonster

10. Fatal Exception

11. Breaking Tarp

12. Briles McDuck

13. HexTex

14. DragonBriles Z

15. Say Hello to My Little Friend

16. KJ Negs Shepard

17. Petty Trolls Patterson

18. The Stumble

19. Animal House, Baylor vs. TCU

20. Chippendales, Big 12

21. BlackOUt Crowd

22. ESPNU Bears

23. Bruiser Can't Drive

24. Levi Being Levi

25. Glasco the Receiver?

I think I've captured all of the nominations, which come in at about 10% of Nick_Pants overall portfolio, viewable here.