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Baylor Gif Posts

For some reason, Baylor fans love gifs. They love them in a way that a person can only love an animated sequence of individual frames often interspersed with additional material for humorous purposes. So they should be together, I think. And it's pronounced "jiff."


It's back.

The Preseason ... as told by Seinfeld GIFs


The Mother of All GIF Posts

The season is over, a lot happened and it's time to recap it ... in .GIFs

Baylor Trounces OU...In .GIFs!

Tedvid is swamped, so it falls to me to bring you this week's .gifs!

We're Just Ready for OU ... in GIFs

I don't think this needs much of an explanation really. Just GIFs.

Baylor falls to West Virginia ... in GIFs

Bear in mind, I am not responsible for nightmares. You clicked on your own accord.

Baylor Triumphs over #9 TCU ... in GIFs!

The most epic GIF post in the history of GIF posts, for the most epic game in the history of games.

Baylor Smashes Texas ... in GIFs

Bring me the GIFs, all of them. Every last one.

Baylor Rolls Through Iowa State ... in GIFs!

As it has been said, Baylor kind of just showed up, put up 600 yards and left the state of Iowa.

Baylor Drubs Buffalo ... in GIFs

We are at a point where 63 points makes people question our offensive ability. Just let that sink in.

Baylor Owns Northwestern State ... in GIFs!

Own might not even be a strong enough word.

Coping with Injuries ... using .GIFs!

We need help guys. We need it bad.

Baylor Shuts Out Southern Methodist ... in .GIFs!

Forty-five to nothing, squat, zip, zero, nada, love, blank, curtis jerrells.

Camp BU in .GIFs!

Because we need the GIFs dagnabbit.

Baylor Football is back ... in .GIFs!

It's about time that football regained the spotlight ...

Featured Fanshot

All aboard the SS Turnt!

The Baylor Offseason in GIFs!

Let's have a helping of GIFs to help tie us over during this long offseason, shall we?

The New Flaming Car .Gif from Nick Pants

The Man, the Myth, the Legend of Gifness has outdone himself this time.

NCAA Tournament 2014 | Sweet Sixteen in GIFs!

Another even numbered year, another Sweet Sixteen ...

Big 12 Tourney: Baylor Men's Basketball in GIFs!

Because let's be honest - it's Friday and you don't want to read that much.

Shared from:

Deion Sanders photobombed by dancing Bear

This one Sandcastle got kicked over.

The State of Baylor Sports Right Now ... In GIFs!

Because you need something to keep you going right now.

SEMIFINALS -- 2013 Nick Pants Gifpocalypse

The voting has died down somewhat in the Quarterfinals with four relatively clear-cut favorites leading the pack. We have our semifinalists.

QUARTERFINALS -- Nick Pants Gifpocalypse

Upon motion from the previous thread, I have decided to conduct the GifPocalypse as a tournament over the next week or two. We've got 8 gifs that made it through the first round of voting plus a wildcard nominated by myself.

The Official 2013 Gifpocalypse

Let's have some fun this weekend with no football. Choose your favorite 5 Nick_Pants gifs!

12.12.2013 DBR: The Nick Pants Gif-off.

Watch Cyril tonight on the CFB Awards! Also, choose your favorite Nick Pants gif and let's get this party started.

Baylor Retires Texas, Wins Big 12, in GIFs!

Do you see what I did there?

Baylor's Win Over TCU in GIFs

All I have to say, is thank goodness we are coming back home this week ...

Baylor Falls to OSU ... in GIFs

Because we all need some levity right now.

Baylor Thrashes Texas Tech ... in .GIFs!

Better late than never ...

The Contract Extension, in .GIFs

Because this is a big deal, guys.

Baylor's Sooner Beatdown in .GIFs