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Baylor Offering Gunmetal Gray Helmets for Sale

Do you have $1500 you want to spend on a gray helmet? WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK, SIR.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know what this means for the future of the helmet (though I imagine that since we're not selling the entirety of the gray uniform, and the program is recouping the cost of the helmet, we'll just get more), but you can now own a piece of Baylor Football history:

For the low, low price of $1,500 (which includes the aforementioned cost of the helmet AND a "donation" to the Baylor Bear Foundation), you'll get a helmet signed by Art Briles bearing all of the game-worn stickers except the player numbers, because the last thing any of us wants is even the appearance that we're using these guys to make money.

The last time these bad boys were worn was Baylor's monsoon-drenched loss to TCU, but don't let that spoil the magic for you! They're also the helmets worn in arguably the high-water mark of Baylor's season: the complete domination of West Virginia by a Seth Russell-led offensive juggernaut ranked #2 in the country. If you've got $1,500 to spare and/or just can't abide not having these helmets, shoot an email to the address listed in the article and SNAG ONE TODAY!