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Baylor Football Recruiting Update — The Bears Pick Up 2 Commits on Father’s Day

It’s almost noon on Father’s Day, and Matt Rhule’s staff has welcomed in two new future Bears, including a familiar face.

Baylor v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Exactly one year and two days ago (or about the last time I actually posted some #content on this here blog), Baylor landed the first commit of its 2019 class, Jaylen Ellis from Cedar Ridge HS in Round Rock, Texas. With two more commits today (according to, that number has grown to 9 in a class that will probably be a lot smaller than most people are used to—around 14-15 recruits unless something crazy happens with roster attrition.

One of today’s commits is known to most Baylor fans that follow recruiting because he’s actually been a Baylor commit already. The other is an unknown from west Texas that came to camp yesterday, earned himself an offer, and decided to pull the trigger. Let’s start with the unknown.

His name is Will Williams, and the most interesting thing about him is not that his name may just be William Williams. Rather, it is that he is a 6-2, 200 pound LB from Chapin HS in El Paso, Texas that could just be athletic enough to actually play safety but will likely stay in the LB role at Baylor. Our coaches like guys with that kind of versatility and athleticism. Here’s the latest from his HUDL profile:

Williams’s 247 profile (linked above) currently shows only the offers from Baylor and Arkansas Tech (which, full disclosure, I had forgotten played football), and with his commitment to Baylor, you might not see many more coming down the pike. But opposing coaches tend to follow ours around a bit, so you just might. After all, he only got his offer from us yesterday. He does not appear to be rated by any recruiting service at this time.

The second “new” commit is only “new” in the sense that he wasn’t committed yesterday and is today. Safety Tyrone Brown from Beaumont Central HS actually was committed at one point, though, and to Baylor. Then he decommitted about three weeks ago before coming back into the fold today. Brown, who is listed at 6-3.5 and 205 by 247Sports, holds offers from Houston, ULM, and Texas A&M, among others.

I’m going to list him as a LB in my list below, but I bet he could end up at NB.

Baylor’s commit list over on 247Sports hasn’t yet updated with either commit, but these two put the Bears at 9 for this current class. Since he is not rated yet, Williams won’t positively affect the rankings at this time. Once Brown is included, on the other hand, the Bears should have something like the 37th-ranked class in the country.

OFFENSE: QB (1/?), RB (1/2), WR (1/2), TE (0/1), OL (0/2)

QB: Jacob Zeno
RB: Qualan Jones
WR: Jaylen Ellis

DEFENSE: DT (0/?), DE (2/2), LB (2/2), CB (0/?), S (2/2)

DE: Harrison White
DE: TJ Franklin
LB: Will Williams
LB: Tyrone Brown
S: Myles Brooks
S: Hakeem Vance

As always, please note that I’m guessing on the need numbers above. Don’t take them as the Holy Writ.

Have a great Father’s Day, everyone!