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Recruiting Update: Matt Rhule’s Signing Day Presser

Coach Rhule will take the podium at 3:30 after he goes on ESPNU at 3:10.

AAC Championship - Temple v Navy
Rhule will be something like this.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

In case you haven’t been following the day’s festivities, 19 of Baylor’s 23 verbal commitments signed their national letters of intent today on the first Early Signing Day in college football history. Of the remaining 4, 1 (Craig Williams) will sign tomorrow at noon while the other three should sign in February on the traditional signing day. You can find out more information about all of our signees at’s official #SignBU page, which gets better and better every year.

The best part about Signing Day every year is that it allows the coaches to finally speak publicly about players they’ve been recruiting for a year or more (sometimes a lot more). Before that, they have to live in this weird netherworld where they can talk to recruits directly and about recruits among themselves (obviously), while we can talk about recruits among ourselves but not directly to them, and neither us nor the coaches can talk to each other about recruits. I understand completely why this setup exists—so Nick Saban (for one example) doesn’t go on ESPN to talk about how much he wants some 5* DT that eats nails for breakfast to come to (for example) Alabama— but that doesn’t make it not weird.

Anyway, now all that is gone, and the coaches can act like the recruits actually exist beyond just retweeting their offers on Twitter (which they weren’t allowed to do until this year). Thus, today is the first real time you get to find out what the coaches think about the recruits they’ve just signed, and while it’s always extremely positive as you’d expect, it’s still one of my favorite days of the year.

If you want to watch along, Rhule will take the podium at 3:30 sharp after having been on ESPNU at 3:10. You can watch here. The purpose of this thread is to follow along, enjoy the excitement, and collect information about our new signees. It’ll be fun.