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Baylor Sends Out 3 New 2017 Offers: Delpit, Carper, and Dobbins

With the 2016 class signed, sealed, and delivered, Baylor's coaching staff turned to the 2017s with three offers today.

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Since Baylor's offers were relatively scarce in 2016 as compared to other schools around us (according to 247Sports, Baylor gave out 105 offers vs. 122 for Texas, 147 for TCU, and 133 for A&M), I'm going to try to keep track of things a little better this year on an individual level, particularly when we throw out 3 high-profile offers in one day.

Note: As of this writing, Baylor has 53 offers out to 2017 recruits and 7 commitments.

Today, Baylor sent out three new offers to 2017 recruits, including a RB, an athlete, and a safety.  Let's take a closer look.

RB J.K. Dobbins -- 4* -- La Grange, Texas

Taking the last of the three offers first, Baylor found its way down to La Grange (between Houston and Austin, north of I-10) to offer the #4 all-purpose back in the country in J.K. Dobbins.  Listed at 5-9, 184 on his profile page, Dobbins has almost 5,000 rushing yards and 72 TDs in his sophomore and junior seasons alone, and he's a game-breaker in every sense of the word.  I expect that the Bears will look to take two RBs in this class (and they may already have one in ATH Jalen Pitre), one small and one big, and it would appear that Dobbins is the favorite for that smaller role.  He reminds me of a faster Shock Linwood at this time.

S Grant Delpit -- 3/4* -- Houston, Texas (Lamar)

Baylor's first offer of the day chronologically was to Houston's Grant Delpit, who seemed particularly happy about getting that offer and could be one of the next to join the Bears' #SuperTeam17.  Delpit has outstanding size for a safety at 6-3, 185 and, if he committed, would join Donovan Stiner in the defensive secondary (and possible Pitre, as well).

ATH Keldrick Carper -- 4* -- Plain Dealing, LA

Once again, the Bears found their way down to Louisiana today to offer another LA speedster in Keldrick Carper.  I have him listed as an athlete, but he's primarily a WR at this time.  My guess is that he'd be either a WR or DB for us.  But where you play him doesn't matter so much as getting to play him.  He's a dynamic talent with incredible ball skills that is already Nike Sparq verified at 6-4 after his junior year, and he could play a number of positions at the next level.  This is the kind of kid that LSU and other SEC schools get year after year and turn into absolute monsters.

Other Recent Offers:

In addition to the above, Baylor also sent out a couple of offers on February 8 that are worth mentioning.  Those offers went to DE Corey Bethley, a 3* from Katy, and OT Matthew Huhn, an unranked OT from San Antonio.  I should note that Huhn's profile shows an offer, but Huhn himself deleted the tweet announcing that offer, so it's not 100%.

UPDATE: Matthew Huhn reached out to me this morning to clarify his status.  He was exceedingly respectful.  According to Huhn, he received his Baylor offer on January 15, then attended the Junior Day on January 30.  He tweeted something on February 8 that was deleted, but it wasn't that he'd been offered.  Also, I should note that 247Sports has him ranked as a 3* (86 grade).  Thanks for the message, Matthew!