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Baylor Football Recruiting: The Bears' Busy Monday

More than half Baylor's staff made a cross-country trek to see the visit the home of our biggest 2017 recruits, then found their way back to try to nail down a familiar name for the 2016 class.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed today's action on Twitter, buckle up, because there's a handful of new offers to talk about, one big #MysteRecruit jumping back into the picture, and a huge trip to break down.

The #MysteRecruit:

In my post last night, I alluded to the presence of a certain mystery recruit that took an unofficial visit to Baylor two Sundays ago at the same time as DT Marcel Southall.  To date, the identity of that recruit has been a closely held secret as Baylor worked to get back into the picture.  Today, the recruit himself broke the silence on ESPN 1660 in Waco:

That's right, the Mystery Recruit was none other than Waco's own 3/4* CB Parrish Cobb, who committed to Oklahoma over the Bears in August and, until recently, was thought to be down to the Sooners and the Texas Longhorns.  NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND.  Cobb will apparently announced between the Bears and Sooners on NSD. Baylor will probably do everything in their power to get Cobb on campus for an official visit this weekend alongside 5* S Brandon Jones.  If that happens, watch out.

Baylor Building a Pipeline to IMG?

Ever since 2017 commits QB Kellen Mond and WR Jhamon Ausbon announced their intention to transfer to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, Baylor fans have wondered if the coaching staff might try to leverage those transfers into a pipeline of sorts to one of the newest powerhouses in high school football. This morning, most of Baylor's coaching staff made the trip east for the first time since the Russell Athletic Bowl win last month to visit IMG and its wealth of elite talent.  Colt Barber of Baylor's 247Sports site reportedly the following:

That's our HC, DC, OC, OL, DL, WR, and safeties coaches out there today, meaning the only ones that weren't there were Gush (LBs), Buckels (CBs), and Lebby (RBs).  That's a huge commitment in terms of sending most of your coaching staff across the country with just days remaining in the 2016 recruiting cycle, particularly when IMG doesn't have any 2016 guys we're after. It didn't go unnoticed.

The trip wasn't just sightseeing and golf, either.  While in Florida, Baylor's staff handed out four different offers to elite 2017 and 2018 recruits.  Their tweets announcing the offers are all in the January Recruiting Thread, but their names/profiles are below:

4* 2017 OL Cesar Ruiz
5* 2017 DE Joshua Kaindoh
4* 2018 CB Christian Tutt
UR 2018 RB Asa Martin

Baylor also made their presence known in Louisiana, offering 4* 2017 ATH Devonta Smith.  I'm not sure who delivered that one, to be honest with you.


After all that, Baylor's coaching staff ended the day back where they started: in Waco for the La Vega football banquet tonight, which is coincidentally being held at the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium.  La Vega happens to be the same school where the aforementioned Mr. Cobb played his HS career.

Recruiting never stops, friends.