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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes -- September 2015

Football season starts this month. Recruits are back in season. Let's do this thing.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

2016 Recruiting Class | National Rank: 20 | Commits: 15

Offense: QB: (1/1), RB: (1/1), WR: (2/3), OL: (2/4)

QB: Zach Smith
RB: Kameron Martin
WRJared Atkinson
WRDenzel Mims
OT: Patrick Hudson
OTJP Urquidez

Defense: DT: (1/?), DE: (1/?), LB: (1/?), NB: (0/?), CB: (4/?), S: (2/?)

DT: Bravvion Roy

DE: Micheal Johnson

LB: Deonte Williams

Grayland Arnold

CB: Donovan Duvernay

CB: Raleigh Texada

CB: Rajah Preciado
Chris Miller

S: Kenan Ivy

2016 Wishlist:

WRDevin Duvernay (42% BU, 37% UT)

OLAnthonie Thomas

OL: Malcolm Pridgeon(JUCO): (75% BU, 25% Rutgers)

OLAshton Julius (JUCO)

DT: Jordan Elliott

DT/DE: Andrew Fitzgerald

Brandon Bowen (75% BU, 25% OU)

NBInnis Gaines (50% BU, 50% TAMU) (UTSA Commit)

SEric Cuffee (46% TCU, 38% BU, 15% UT)
Brandon Jones

Players removed(who didn't commit to Baylor): DT Kendell Jones (Alabama), OL Robert Kraeling (Duke), ATH Tristen Wallace (Ohio State), LB Clifton Lewis(TCU), DE/LB Alton Robinson(A&M), DE/LB Erick Fowler (LSU), S Eric Monroe (LSU), OL Kellen Diesch (Arkansas), WR Tren'Davian Dickson (Texas), DT Michael Williams (Stanford), LB Dontavious Jackson (Baylor did not make his top 12), CB Parrish Cobb (OU), WDE Mat Boesen(TCU), WR Tyrie Cleveland(interest has waned), DE McTelvin Agim(Arkansas), CB: Obi Eboh (Texas), DT: Chris Daniels (did not make top 5), DE: Justin Madubuike (A&M), DE: Isaiah Chambers (TCU)
s always, this is not a complete list, just a list of players who have either expressed interest in Baylor or have been offered by Baylor.
As always, this is not a complete list, just a list of players who have either expressed interest in Baylor or have been offered by Baylor.

2017 Recruiting Class | National Rank: 4 | Commits: 7

Offense: QB: (1/?), TE: (1/?), WR: (2/?)

Defense: LB: (1/?), NB: (1/?), S: (1/?)

2017 Wishlist:

RB: Toneli Carter
Eno Benjamin (100% BU)
Anthony McFarland Jr.

WR: Jaylon Jackson

WR: James Robinson

ATH: Jamyest Williams

ATH: Eyob Bekele (Yes, I know it says he's a QB, but he wouldn't be recruited to play QB for Baylor.)

OL: Austin Deculus
Tyrese Robinson
OL: Walker Little

DT: Marvin Wilson (67% UT, 11% BU)

SDE: Lagaryonn Carson (Davion Hall's cousin, also cousins with former TAMU RB Tra Carson)
K'Lavon Chaisson (son of former Baylor LB Kelvin Chaisson) (75% BU, 25% LSU)
Robert Beal

LB: Anthony Hines (70% OU, 30% BU)

CB: Deangelo Gibbs

CB: Chevin Calloway

CB: Adam Beck (100% BU)

S: Jeffrey Okudah (50% BU, 17% Stanford, 17% Alabama)

I know this list looks like it's just a bunch of the top recruits who have shown interest in Baylor, and that's exactly what it is. This list will change through the recruiting cycle. It's the list of recruits who could commit to Baylor and not make me surprised.


2016 Recruiting:

DE: McTelvin Agim (9/5): Committed to Arkansas. Not too surprising, but Baylor did have a chance at the 4-star defensive end. Losing out on him sucks, but it shows that Baylor is getting elite defensive talent to at the very least consider Baylor.

CB: Obi Eboh (9/5): Committed to the University of Texas today. CBs were surging for Texas lately so it doesn't come as a big surprise.
DT: Chris Daniels (9/6): Released his top five and Baylor did not make the cut. Not too surprising, but he would have been a big get for Bennett and Co.

DT/DE: Andrew Fitzgerald (9/14): No idea how I missed this, but the 3-star DT/DE out of Flower Mound, Texas named Baylor into his top 5, along with SMU, Vanderbilt, UNC, and Oregon. Crystal Ball predictions are outdated, so I won't include those.

WR: Devin Duvernay and CB: Donovan Duvernay (9/15): 247 Sports posted an article($) about the brothers' upcoming decision. Looks like they will take another visit and then decide. Both are Baylor leans on the Crystal Ball.

CB: Donovan Duvernay (9/16): Tweeted out that he will be committing soon. Good sign for the Bears, who are at 100% on 247 Sports' Crystal Ball for the 3-star athlete out of Sachse. The majority opinion is that where Donovan goes, his twin brother, 4-star WR Devin, will also go.

CB: Donovan Duvernay (9/21): COMMITTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3-star CB out of Sachse adds another talent to the deep secondary class of 2016. This bodes well for Baylor's chances with Duvernay's twin brother, Devin: the top WR in Texas according to 247 Sports' Composite Rankings!

DE: Micheal Johnson (9/22): Baylor reeled in another commit, as the 3-star defensive end out of Missouri City, Texas gave his pledge to the Bears. To say this came out of left field is an understatement. Big get for Bennett and co.

DE: Isaiah Chambers (9/25): Committed to TCU. No real surprise there. Would have been a big-time player for Bennett.

2017 Recruiting:

So Jhamon Ausbon tweeted this out today (9/1). Pretty cool.

OG: Tyrese Robinson (9/2): Talked with Scout about him playing tackle, and he mentions that he is looking at Baylor, OU, and UT specifically.

S: Robert Barnes (9/7): Committed to Oklahoma. Would have been a great addition to the #17SuperTeam.

2018 Recruiting:

OT Darrell Simpson (9/15): Offered on the 13th, Simpson is a offensive lineman for Justin Northwest, a school in a suburb of Denton.


9/1 -- Created the September Recruiting Thread, updated CB predictions, Added Jhamon Ausbon's tweet, removed Tyrie Cleveland from the 2016 Wish List

9/2 -- Update on 2017 OG Tyrese Robinson, updated Obi Uboh's CB predictions(UT surged up to 47%)

9/3 -- Updated Obi Uboh's CB predictions (Texas surging again)

9/5 -- Removed McTelvin Agim and Obi Eboh from 2016 Wish List

9/6 -- Removed Chris Daniels from the 2016 Wish List

9/7 -- Removed Robert Barnes from the 2017 Wish List

9/8 -- Added Jordan Elliott back to the 2016 Wish List

9/14 -- Added Andrew Fitzgerald to the 2016 Wish List

9/15 -- Update on 2018 OT Darrell Simpson, update on the Duvernay brothers, updated Devin's CB predictions

9/16 -- Update on Donovan Duvernay (he says he will be committing soon)

9/19 -- Removed Justin Madubuike from the 2016 Wish List

9/21 -- Added Donovan Duvernay's commitment!!!!!!!

9/22 -- Updated 2016 Class rank and commitment numbers, added Micheal Johnson commitment!!!!!

9/25 -- Removed Isaiah Chambers from the 2016 Wish List