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Baylor's Big Wednesday, Part II: Kedrick James, Jhamon Ausbon, and Donovan Stiner Commit

Three weeks ago, Baylor kicked off its 2017 recruiting class with two huge commits. Today, it decided to take things to the next level.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Once again, Baylor welcomed a talented list of 2017 recruits to campus today, including several that were here already just three short weeks ago.  So far, we know of the following recruits/commits (as of the beginning of the day):

QB Kellen Mond | 4* | Reagan HS (San Antonio, TX) -- COMMIT
WR Hezekiah Jones | 4* | Stafford HS (Stafford, TX) -- COMMIT
WR Jhamon Ausbon | 4* | St. Thomas HS (Houston, TX)
TE Kedrick James | 4* | La Vega HS (Waco, TX)
S Donovan Stiner | 3* | Bellaire HS (Bellaire, TX)
OT Walker Little | 4* | Bellaire HS (Bellaire, TX)

Another important recruit rumored to be there was DE Lagaryonn Carson, cousin to Baylor's own Davion Hall, but I haven't seen any confirmation of that.

Unlike three weeks ago, the word "commit" appearing above is important.  Today marked the first time since they committed that Baylor welcomed Mond and Jones back to campus (that I'm aware of), and their assistance in recruiting their friends quickly paid off in the form of three new commits for the 2017 class.

The first to pull the trigger today was Ausbon, who had been widely rumored to be a Baylor lean since the last time he was on campus.

The second was Stiner, another of our previous visitors that was rumored to be leaning our way and our first defensive commit.

The third, and arguably the biggest in several different ways, was James, a local product who decided to stay home. Let's take a closer look at the three in that order:

WR Jhamon Ausbon

Twitter: @TheJhamonAusbon
School: St. Thomas HS (Houston, TX)
Mascot: Eagles
Height: 6-3
Weight: 206 lbs
Rankings: Composite: 92.76 (4*, #208 Nat'l, #32 WR), 247: 90 (4*, #193 Nat'l, #29 WR)
Profiles: 247Sports, Rivals, Scout, ESPN
Offers: Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, A&M
Video: HUDL

S Donovan Stiner

Twitter: @dstiner3
School: Bellaire HS (Houston, TX)
Mascot: Cardinals
Height: 6-1
Weight: 185 lbs
Rankings: Composite: 88.00 (3*, #376 Nat'l, #26 S), 247: 88 (3*, #302 Nat'l, #25 S)
Profiles: 247Sports, Rivals, Scout, ESPN
Offers: Baylor, SMU
Video: HUDL

TE Kedrick James

Twitter: @kedrickjames044
School: La Vega HS (Waco, TX)
Mascot: Pirates
Height: 6-4.5
Weight: 245 lbs
Rankings: Composite: 92.93 (4*, #195 Nat'l, #3 TE), 247: 92 (4*, #132 Nat'l, #2 TE)
Profiles: 247Sports, Rivals, Scout, ESPN
Offers: Baylor, Michigan, Texas, TCU, A&M, Arkansas, Oklahoma
Video: HUDL


So, in summary, Baylor managed to pull what many consider the #2 2017 WR in Texas to go along with #1 (Jones), a rangy safety with size that could blow up this coming season and was already receiving attention from Texas and A&M, and either the #2 or #3 TE in the country, depending on which source you like best.  Our 2017 class, which won't sign for another 18 months, now stands at 5 members, four of whom have four stars, and we could see more visits and commits in the coming days/weeks as momentum continues to build.

Yeah, that's pretty awesome.