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Baylor Football Commits Recap - 9/27

The start of our weekly recaps of what Baylor's football commits have done on the high school gridiron.

Briles and co. 'crootin.
Briles and co. 'crootin.
Vaughn Ridley

Hello everyone!

My name is Carter Lacy, but you all probably know me as darthbear. I have been given the opportunity to contribute some weekly material regarding our recruits/commits and their performances from games the Friday prior. The commits recaps will tell you the essentials of what you need to know regarding these kids. The posts will feature pretty much anything I can find that I feel you guys should know about our commits and how they're holding up.

(Also, worry not about the levels of bucket-getting now that Matt Wilson is gone. He has personally given me the task of going forth and producing buckets in memory of him, and I intend to do just that.)


So let's get this started! Each player will have their position listed, followed by their name, their height/weight, and their ranking (via, finished off by their previous performance.


QB/WR Chad President (6-3, 195) - Temple HS

Chad President and the Temple Wildcats just absolutely destroyed University 70-0. Sounds like he'll fit in perfectly at Baylor. Our boy, Mr. President, went 11-14 for 290 yards and 3 touchdowns. That's an average of over 26 yards per completion. Goodness. Oh, and his longest pass was 98 YARDS FOR THE SCORE. No big deal. Chad also ran the ball once for a six yard gain.

ATH Blake Lynch (6-3, 195) - Gilmer HS

Gilmer beat Carthage 58-21 on Saturday evening. Credit to brandyisme for correcting this, because I typed a lot of this article on Friday and didn't notice the game was on Saturday. Blake Lynch ran 5 times for a total 87 yards, caught a pass for 32 yards, threw a 5 yd TD, and took a fumble 76 yards to the house. Wow.

WR Devontre Stricklin (6-3, 180) - Midway HS

Midway (alma mater of Ahmad Dixon) did not play this week.

LB/RB Clay Johnston (6-2, 200) - Wylie HS

The Wylie Bulldogs beat Liberty Hill 29-17. Clay took both a 51 and 49 yard rush to the house for touchdowns. He took a total of 9 carries for 133 yards, giving him an average of 14.8 YPC. Not. Too. Shabby. He also caught a pass for a 35 yard gain. Clay was originally only supposed to play linebacker for Wylie this year, but in early August it was reported that he would play on both sides of the ball and get some time in at RB.

RB JaMycal Hasty (5-8, 185) - Longview HS

Longview beat Pine Tree by a whopping score of 66-13, but JaMycal has been out with a back injury since August.

CB Jordan Tolbert (5-11, 160) - Ridge Point HS

Jordan is out with an ACL injury. Regardless, he is still committed to us. I'll try to get more on Tolbert as the year progresses. Plus, an ACL can't keep you from supporting your team.

S Montrel Wilson (6-2, 195) - Fossil Ridge HS

The Panthers took down Northwest in a shootout on Thursday, 52-42. Montrel contributed on the defensive side with 9 tackles (4 solo) and an interception.

OT Sam Tecklenburg (6-3, 260) - Plano HS

The Wildcats are coming off a 35-13 beating of Flower Mound (hey, I go there, but we aren't good at football, so whatever). I had to work and I'm angry because I wanted to go watch Sam play. Everything I've seen out of Tecklenburg impresses me. I'll get a chance to see him in person soon and I can provide more then.

ATH Tony Nicholson (5-10, 170) - South Grand Prairie HS

South Grand Prairie handed Midlothian a 56-27 beating last night. The most recent Baylor commit is expected to transition over to the secondary as a Bear. You can watch his performance here!

ATH Jameson Houston (6-0, 180) - St. Michael's Catholic

The St. Michael's Crusaders lost to Wimberly 48-33.

P/K Drew Galitz (5-11, 180) - Rowlett HS

Rowlett lost a close one to Lee 13-12. I'm going to watch him in about 2 or 3 weeks. The dude is legit.

And apparently getting offered by Baylor is a pretty big deal these days.

Oh, also, here's this.


RB Kameron Martin (5-10, 170) - Port Arthur Memorial HS

SHOOTOUT ALERT. Kameron and Port Arthur lost a gunslinger to Channelview 70-49. Kameron had 23 carries for 129 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not a bad night.

QB Zach Smith (6-4, 200) - Grandview HS

Grandview was upset by McGregor last night, 54-35, and it was a very dismal night for both Zach and his fellow Zebras. Also, yes, their mascot is the Zebras, and yes, their helmets have zebra stripes. McGregor pressured Smith and handed Grandview its first loss of the season.

OT Patrick Hudson (6-5, 325) - Silsbee HS

Ahhhh, yes. Our favorite Aggie flip. Patrick had originally committed to Texas A&M, but after visiting Baylor on June 8 quickly flipped to the Bears. This guy is nothing short of a beast. Silsbee lost to Little Cypress. Nothing has been posted yet from this game. No need. Let's just sit here, sip our tea, and laugh amongst ourselves because we stole a beast of a human being from Sumlin and Aggieland.

CB KeShawn Somerville (5-10, 170) - Hendrickson HS

Hendrickson HS is located in a town called Pflugerville. Pflugerville. My new favorite word. Anyway, Hendrickson beat McNeil 43-13. Here's some of KeShawn's highlights this season.

WR Tren'Davian Dickson (6-1, 178) Navasota HS

Navasota creamed Castleberry, 56-3. Once again, I'm left waiting on stats from this game, but I'm betting they won't be too bad considering Tren'Davian and co. won by 53 points. Plus, if he wants to go ball with Kenny Cherry and Rico, he certainly can.

UPDATE: Tren'Davian gave us his stats on Twitter:

Decent game, I'd say.

CB Eric Cuffee (5-11, 190) - Waco HS

Waco was shut out  by Manor last night, 27-0. Eric didn't get a ton of action. Nothing really to report here.

Again, like I said, I'm reporting what has been posted. Not all stats have been posted for players individually, but a lot will over the next few days. The posts will be edited and I will update you guys with more information as I am provided it.

Quickly, just so you all know who I am and a little bit more about me, like I said my name is Carter. As far as I know I'm the only non-Baylor student/graduate on here (although, if that is not true, I apologize!). 6 of my living close relatives are Baylor graduates, including my parents. I've been a passionate Baylor football fan since birth and should be attending BU within the next few years myself. I'm just about to turn 18 next month and I'm a senior at Flower Mound High School in Flower Mound, TX. Yes, I'm still in high school, but that actually gives me an advantage writing these recruiting posts because A) I have the time to actually WRITE them, and B) I get to watch some of these guys play in person. Despite my youth, I like to consider myself semi-experienced in the writing realm, so I hope you guys like these posts. I'm excited to contribute them.