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2015 ATH John Humphrey decommits from Baylor

The Bears are back to 10 commits in the 2015 class after Humphrey announced his intention to open things back up.

Christian Petersen

The hits just keep on coming today for Baylor fans, as athlete John Humphrey tweeted that he is reopening his recruitment. The three star from League City, Texas, who was slated to play cornerback at Baylor, committed verbally in April before unofficially opening things back up recently with trips to OU and TCU. He has now made it official that he is no longer committed.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this because it was so widely seen as inevitable. Verbal commitments are, of course, nonbinding; however, Humphrey's seemed even less-binding than others. He has been extremely active on social media talking to Oklahoma fans in recent weeks, as the Sooners have attempted to woo him to Norman. Though he is reportedly telling people he's still open to both schools, Baylor and OU, I think it's only a matter of time at this point until he commits to our northern neighbors. He is the second decommitment in this class after DE Louis Brown.

I can't tell you why a teenage recruit does something that he does. I know Oklahoma is reportedly offering John the chance to play wide receiver where we have him slotted as a cornerback, but I don't know if that is THE reason he's chosen to open things up or if there is just one, to begin with. Really, this is just another example for why I try to tell people not to get too upset about recruiting.  This stuff just happens, and our staff will have to decide how best to replace him, if indeed he is a lost cause, or change his mind, if he isn't.

Best of luck, regardless. Unless he's playing Baylor as a visitor, of course.