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Baylor Football Recruiting: All-American Game Updates

The major high school All-American games are taking place this week, and several Baylor commits and recruits are in attendance. This will be our running thread for updates.

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In addition to the ongoing monthly recruiting thread (which is about to turn over to January, of course), I wanted to take this opportunity to note the ongoing practices and preparation for this week's high school All-American games.  SB Nation's own Wescott Eberts is in San Antonio for the Army All-American game, arguably the bigger of the two major games, and will be posting interviews all week.  I believe that SB Nation Recruiting will be in Florida, as well, for the Under Armour All-American game, which will be where most of our attention lies, I think.

Make sure to check the official SB Nation Recruiting page for the latest info on commits, interviews with recruits, and more.

Game Rosters:

Army All-American Game (does not have a list of commits)
Under Armour All-American Game (includes commits), By Team

Baylor Commits Involved:

Army AA: WR Blake Lynch (withdrew to spend time with family per his twitter)
Under Armour: QB Jarrett Stidham (Team Highlight QB), K/P Drew Galitz (Team Highlight P)

Baylor Recruits Involved:

These are the uncommitted recruits involved in the games that we have reason to believe Baylor is still after.

Army AA: CB Kris Boyd (West #26)
Under Armour: WR Damarkus Lodge (Team Armour)

There are a number of other interesting players like Soso Jamobo, Cordell Broadus, Daylon Mack, etc. involved in these guys.  These two guys are just the ones I think we're still actively recruiting.

Twitter Accounts to Watch:

I can't possibly name all of the accounts that will be tweeting from this week's events, but I can give you a few to follow:

@AllAmericaGame -- UA game account
@ArmyAllAmerican -- Army game account
@JCShurburtt -- 247 National Writer (at UA game)
@SBN_Wescott -- Wescott Eberts, SB Nation Recruiting (at Army game)
@HamiltonESPN -- Gerry Hamilton, ESPN Recruiting (at UA game)
@SBNRecruiting -- Bud Elliott, SB Nation Recruiting (at UA game)
@Rivals -- They'll be in both places, I'm sure.
@247Sports -- Same.

I'll add to this list going forward, but if you see any others that are putting out quality stuff about our guys, please let me know.


From the point this goes up, updates will be in the comments and not the post itself.  So check back.  As for now:

CB Kris Boyd:

QB Jarrett Stidham:

K/P Drew Galitz:

That thing is either amazing or wretched.  Or wretchedly amazing.  And by that I mean the uniform itself.