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2015 JUCO OT Dominic Desouza Commits to Baylor!

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Coach Art Briles lands a major OT JUCO transfer for the 2015 class.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Sometimes commits take you completely by surprise, as was the case with 2015 ATH J.W. Ketchum a few weeks ago. Today's, while less out of left field (we knew that he was being recruited), was a bit of a surprise in that nobody was entirely sure to whom Briles was referring when he tweeted this:

If the 650 area code isn't familiar to you, that's because it's California - the San Francisco area, to be specific. It took a few minutes for confirmation to come through, but it did: 2015 Junior College transfer OT Dominic Desouza committed to Baylor today. Let's take a closer look at our latest commit for the 2015 class:

Name: Dominic Desouza
Position: OT
School: City College of San Francisco
Mascot: Rams
Height: 6'7"/6'8"*
Weight: 290-300 pounds
Rankings: Composite: 81.48 (3*), 247Sports: 80 (3*)
Offers: Arizona State, Oregon State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Kansas, et al.

*While 247 lists his height at 6'7", while the others have him at 6'8", there's been some discussion on Twitter about the accuracy of those numbers and whether he's closer to 6'6.5".

This puts our 2015 recruiting class back at 13 commits after Montrel Wilson reopened his commitment the same day that we got J.W. Ketchum. We are still looking at recruits like Holton Hill, Kris Boyd, and Malik Jefferson, so spots in the 2015 class remain fairly tight at this point. Judging from his offer sheet, Desouza looks to be fairly highly sought-after, mostly because he's a mid-year enrollee. He'll come on campus in January and join the team for Spring workouts. This could bring some needed depth to the offensive line, should Spencer Drango decide to depart early for the NFL.

I wasn't able to find a Twitter presence for Mr. Desouza after a cursory search, but if someone is able, please link in the comments so that we can welcome him to the fold!