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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes: October 2014

Things are really heating up on and off the field for Baylor's football program. Could we see a couple high profile 2015 and 2016 commits this month?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

July was a month to remember with the explosion of our 2016 class and the 11th commit for 2016.  August marks the beginning of the 2014 football season and the first chance any of us, recruits included, will have to see McLane Stadium in action.

247Sports' Crystal Ball:

Baylor's 2015 Crystal Ball Prediction ListMark Moore's Predictions

Check back on these often; the predictions update every day.

2015 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 37, Commits: 13

OFFENSE: QB (1/1), RB (1/2), WR (2/3), TE (0/0), OL (2/3)

QB: Chad President
QB/WR: Blake Lynch
RBJaMycal Hasty
Devontre Stricklin
OTMaurice Porter (JUCO) 
C: Sam Tecklenburg

DEFENSE: DT (0/1), DE (0/0), LB (0/2), NB (1/1), CB (2/3), S (2/2)

LB/NB: Clay Johnston
Jordan Tolbert
CB: Tony Nicholson
S: Jameson Houston

K/P: Drew Galitz
ATH: J.W. Ketchum III

2015 Wish List:

(Percentages are drawn from 247Sports' Crystal Ball, not my own imagination.)

RB (speed): Corey Dauphine (Tech, 64% BU to flip) | Ronald Jones, Jr. (OSU)
RB (big back): Soso Jamabo (28% A&M, 20% BU)
WR: Damarkus Lodge (39% Ole Miss, 31% Baylor)
OT: Dominic Desouza (no predictions)

DT: Darrion Daniels (100% Baylor), 
OLB: Malik Jefferson (55 UT, 3% BU) | Anthony Wheeler (69% UT, 0% BU)
CB: Holton Hill (58% UT, 21% BU) | Kris Boyd (45% A&M, 14% BU)
S: Kahlil Haughton (76% Baylor) 

All of the players above hold Baylor offers and have indicated at least some interest in the Bears such that their inclusion is not simply the result of wishful thinking.

Players Removed (who did not commit to us): LB Cameron Townsend (UT) OT Deya Mhiesen (Oklahoma State), OT Madison Akamnonu (Texas Tech), OT Conner Dyer(Texas Tech), S PJ Locke (Oregon), DT/OT Du'Vonta Lampkin (Texas), WR Ryan Newsome (spot gone), DE James Lockhart (A&M), LB Richard Moore (spot gone, A&M), CB Marcus Lewis (Florida), OT Keaton Sutherland (A&M), CB P.J. Mbanasor (Iklahoma), LB Ricky DeBerry (Baylor out), RB Chris Warren (Baylor backed off), QB Jarrett Stidham (Texas Tech), S Larry Pryor (A&M).

2016 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 3, Commits: 5

OFFENSE: QB (1/?), RB (1/?), WR (1/?), OL (1/?)

QB: Zach Smith (Film)
RBKameron Martin (Film)
WR: Tren'Davian Dickson (Film)
Patrick Hudson (Film)


CB: KeShawn Somerville (Film)

2016 Wish List:

This will be basically a shot in the dark based off our 2016 offer list.  Some of them are more obvious than others based on who we've had in town and how many times we've heard their names. I think we can assume that we'll be at 85 scholarships again with the 2015 class.  We have 17 juniors (by their classification now) graduating in 2016.  I think we're safe projecting a class of around 20, maybe more, on that basis.

QB: Tristen Wallace (20% BU) 
Devwah Whaley
WR: Devin Duvernay (10% BU)
WR: Courtney Lark (38% BU)
WRJeremy Smith (33% BU)
OL: J.P. Urquidez (46% BU)

DT: Kendell Jones
DE: Isaiah Chambers
DE: Justin Madubuike
DE/LBErick Fowler
CB: Jared Mayden (46% BU)
S: Deontay Anderson
S: Brandon Jones

This is by far the earliest I've ever tried to put together a Wish List, and before you tell me that the vast majority of these guys are 5*s we won't get, I know that.  There will be a ton of movement on this list since I'm starting so early.


2015 Recruiting:

S Kahlil Haughton (10/27): Visiting officially this weekend instead of going to Tech.

CB Kris Boyd (10/27): Visiting this weekend.  Appears to be an unofficial visit.

S Montrel Wilson (10/26): Reopened his recruitment.  May be a reaction to Ketchum's commitment, or it may be a reaction to his visit this weekend to TCU.  I dunno.

ATH J.W. Ketchum (10/26): Committed!

CB Holton Hill (10/1): Is officially visiting for Baylor's game at Texas.

RB Ronald Jones (10/1): Will reportedly take an official visit to Baylor.

RB Soso Jamabo (9/29): Will visit Baylor officially.  A&M's 247Sports site claims that the Aggies lead.

2016 Recruiting:

OT JP Urquidez (10/27): This was actually announced a couple of days ago and I forgot.  He's visiting for Homecoming.

LB Dontavious Jackson (10/27): Visiting for Kansas.

DT Kendell Jones (10/1): Revealed his Top 5, and Baylor is in it quite high.

2017 Recruiting:

No updates yet.

SB Nation Recruiting Scouting Reports:

The fine gentlemen at SB Nation Recruiting have been putting together scouting reports by the dozen for major 2015 prospects. A few of those reports are germane to us as Baylor fans:

QB Chad President
RB Ronald Jones
RB Soso Jamabo
RB Tyreik Gray
RB/WR JaMycal Hasty
WR Damarkus Lodge
DT Darrion Daniels
DE James Lockhart
LB Malik Jefferson


Coming soon.


10/1/2014: Created October Recruiting Thread
10/22/2014: Cleaned up the 2016 Commits and 2015 Percentages.  More updates to come later today.
10/26/2014: Ketchum committed and Wilson decommitted.
10/27/2014: First big update in a while.  Baylor is putting together quite the list for Homecoming.