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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes: February 2014

NSD is just hours away now and Baylor is ramping up the heat on what should be a stellar 2015 class.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Changing things up this month with the burgeoning 2015 class now deserving its own major section. 2014 is still probably the biggest concern for our coaching staff at this point, but 2015 is taking off!

2014 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 24, Commits: 26

OFFENSE: QB (0/0), RB (1/1), WR (4/4), TE (2/2), OL (5/5)

RB: Terence Williams (ENROLLED)
WR: K.D. Cannon (signed)
WR: Davion Hall (ENROLLED)
WR: Ishmael Zamora (signed)
WR: Chris Platt (signed)
TE: Jordan Feuerbacher (ENROLLED)
TE: Blake Mahon (signed)
OL: Devonte Jones (signed)
OL: Josh Pelzel (signed)
OL: Blake Blackmar (signed)
OL: Patrick Lawrence (signed)
OL: Jarell Broxton (JUCO) (ENROLLED)

DEFENSE: DT (3/3), DE (2/2), LB (3/3), NB (1/1), CB (3/3), S (1/2)

DT: Andrew Morris (signed)
DT: Ira Lewis (signed)
DT: Josh Malin (signed)
DE: Xavier Jones (signed)
DE/LB: Jamie Jacobs II (signed)
MLB: James David
OLB: Cordell Dorsey
OLB: Grant Campbell (JUCO) (ENROLLED)
NB/S: T'Kevian Rockwell
ATH/CB: Jourdan Blake (signed)
CB: Verkedric Vaughns (signed)
CB: Chris Sanders (JUCO) (ENROLLED)
CB: Tion Wright (JUCO) (ENROLLED)
S: Chance Waz (signed)

Grayshirts: DE Greg Roberts, OL Stefan Beard (check out the October Thread for a primer on grayshirting)

Enrolled in January: Williams, Hall, Feuerbacher, Broxton, Campbell, Sanders, Wright

2014 Wish List:

Position: Recruit Name w/ profile link (Crystal Ball Prediction)=

Players Removed (who did not commit to us): DE Solomon Thomas (85% Stanford), CB Trai Mosley (Nebraska), DT Zaycoven Henderson (A&M), RB Corey Avery, CB John Plattenburg (UCLA), QB Randall Cunningham, Jr. (USC-track), LB Christian Sam (Arizona State), DE Victor Evans (Ole Miss), OL Connor Mayes (Minnesota), OL Ty Barrett (TCU), OL Jovan Pruitt (Arkansas).

Shutting down the Wish List for 2014 since it is now post-NSD.

247Sports' Crystal Ball:

Baylor's 2014 Crystal Ball Prediction List (2014 and 2015) / Mark Moore's Predictions

Check back on these often; the predictions update every day.

2015 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: UNK, Commits: 3

OFFENSE: QB (1/2), RB (0/2), WR (1/3), TE (0/0), OL (0/2)

ATH/QB: Chad President
WR: Devontre Stricklin

DEFENSE: DT (0/1), DE (0/1), LB (0/2), NB (0/1), CB (0/2), S (1/2)

ATH/S/WR: Blake Lynch

2015 Wish List:

QB: Jarrett Stidham (75% Texas Tech)
RB (speed): Ronald Jones, Jr. (62% Baylor)
RB (big back): Chris Warren (62% Baylor) | Soso Jamobo (70% UT)
WR (inside): Ja'Mycal Hasty (72% Baylor)
WR (inside): Ryan Newsome (33% Baylor)
WR (outside): Damarkus Lodge (77% Baylor)
OT: Keaton Sutherland (100% Arkansas) | Conner Dyer (100% A&M)
OT: Maurice Porter (100% Baylor)

DE: James Lockhart (100% Baylor)
DT: Darrion Daniels (100% Baylor)
OLB: Ricky DeBerry (43% Oklahoma) | Anthony Wheeler (100% UT) | Malik Jefferson (67% A&M)
NB: Richard Moore (100% Baylor)
CB: Kris Boyd (54% A&M) | Holton Hill (100% A&M)
S: Kahlil Haughton (100% Baylor)

All of the players above hold Baylor offers and have indicated at least some interest in the Bears such that their inclusion is not simply the result of wishful thinking.  This list has just 12 slots on it for a couple of reasons: 1) Our 2015 class will likely be very small and has 4 members already, and 2) we won't know much about 2015 until after the start of junior days and the end of the 2014 cycle.

Players Removed (who did not commit to us): S Larry Pryor (A&M)


2014 Recruiting:

NSD is tomorrow, February 5.  There are no new updates yet about Baylor's 2014 class.

2015 Recruiting:

Baylor has already conducted its first Junior Day of the 2015 cycle and will look to have another when spring practice begins.

CB Xavier Lewis (2/27):

ATH Tony Nicholson (2/27): Baylor offered today.  He was waiting on this one.

S Roney Elam (2/25): Baylor offered today.  Listed as a WR on his profile, outstanding size for a safety.

CB Jordan Tolbert (2/24): Texas offered. Has a Baylor offer.

OL Ronnie Major (2/22): Flipped to Texas.

ATH Louis Brown (2/20): Visited Baylor today.

S P.J. Locke (2/17): Baylor offered today.

CB P.J. Mbanasor (2/15): Baylor offered yesterday.

ATH Blake Lynch (2/13) (BAYLOR COMMIT): Alabama and LSU are hard on the trail, apparently.

S Deshon Elliott (2/6): Baylor offered today.  Could be one to watch.

CB Josh Butler (2/5): Baylor offered today.

CB Keivon Ramsey (2/4): Baylor offered today.

ATH Louis Brown (2/4): Baylor offered today.

2016 Recruiting:

DB Eric Cuffee (2/28): Doesn't have a 247 profile, so I linked to HUDL.

OLB/SS McKinley Mitchell (2/13): Baylor offered today.  This is significant for a few reasons.

WR Devin Duvernay (2/4): Baylor offered today.



2/4/2014: Created the February Thread.  Updated 2015 Wish List %s.  Two new 2015 offers.  One new 2016.
2/5/2014: Added position totals to 2015 Class based on needs.
2/6/2014: Two new offers for 2015.
2/13/2014: Added news about Blake Lynch. Added offer for McKinley Mitchell (2016).
2/15/2014: Added offer for 2015 CB P.J. Mbasanor.
2/17/2014: Added offer to 2015 S P.J. Locke.  Updated 2015 Wish List %s.
2/22/2014: 2015 OL Ronnie Major flipped to Texas.
2/24/2014: Notes on 2015 CB Jordan Tolbert (UH commit) | Updated 2015 Wish List %s and OT Maurice Porter
2/25/2014: New offer for 2015 S Roney Elam
2/27/2014: 2 new offers for 2015 recruits today.
2/28/2014: We have at least one visitor at practice today.