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California Track Star Alexis Robinson to Baylor as Preferred Walk-On

The QB Whisperer found himself another potential pupil in Eureka, CA's Alexis Robinson, who signed with Baylor Track yesterday and will walk on to the football team.

Christian Petersen

Baylor didn't take a scholarship QB in this class, as I've mentioned before, but will apparently have another on campus this coming fall, regardless.  Citing comfort with the school and coaches that made him feel like they, not he, were lucky he was there, track star Alexis Robinson signed with Todd Harbour's program yesterday with the intention of playing both sports, track and football, at Baylor.  At 6-4, 210 pounds already and with a reported 40-yard dash time of 4.39 (recorded by hand, I'm sure), he's an interesting prospect.  Where he might eventually play at Baylor is a bit of a mystery -- saying his throwing motion needs work is being extremely charitable -- but his athletic ability is simply undeniable.

Take a look at the videos on his HUDL profile and tell me what you think.  I know significantly less about where to find accurate information on track, particularly from other states, but lists his personal best times from the last two seasons, including a 46.55 in the 400 and 11.32 in the 100 in 2013, his junior year.

Before anyone asks, the way scholarships work for dual-sport athletes is that he need not be counted as a football player until he actually plays football.  Baylor will redshirt him for eligibility purposes in football, no doubt, and as long as he doesn't play, he doesn't count.  The moment he steps on the field, he does.  It works the same way with basketball in an attempt to keep programs from stashing players in other sports and circumventing the 85-scholarship limit.

Chances are that nothing comes of Mr. Robinson's desire to play football for Baylor in addition to running track, where he seems to have tremendous potential.  It is at least possible, though, and something we can't discount.  If Briles was willing to devote the time to convince him to give football a shot for the Bears, he's worth paying attention to going forward.  I remember another football-playing track star in Baylor's recent past that worked out fairly well.