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National Signing Day 2014 Open Thread

Let's get it started...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, you know I made a chart. I will update throughout the day as the faxes come in!

Last Name First Name Position HUDL Committed 247Sports Profile Grade Signed
Morris Andrew DT X 6/10/2013 X 78 YES
Blackmar Blake C X 6/1/2013 X 85 YES
Blake Jourdan CB X 6/9/2013 X 85 YES
Broxton Jarell OG X 7/15/2013 X 87 Early-Enrollee
Campbell Grant MLB/OLB X 12/16/2013 X 81 Early-Enrollee
Cannon KD WR X 8/10/2013 X 97 YES
David James MLB X 6/10/2013 X 89 WILL NOT SIGN
Feuerbacher Jordan TE X 5/11/2013 X 87 Early-Enrollee
Hall Davion WR X 2/2/2013 X 97 Early-Enrollee
Jacobs Jamie OLB X 5/24/2013 X 81 YES
Jones Devonte OG X 4/20/2013 X 82 YES
Jones Xavier DE X 5/14/2013 X 83 YES
Lawrence Patrick OT X 5/18/2013 X 83 YES
Lewis Ira DT/DE X 7/19/2013 X 82 YES
Mahon Blake TE X 5/24/2013 X 81 YES
Malin Josh DT X 6/9/2013 X 84 YES
Pelzel Josh OG X 5/1/2013 X 87 YES
Platt Chris WR X 2/3/2013 X 88 YES
Rockwell T'Kevian NB X 6/7/2013 X 90 UNKNOWN
Sanders Chris CB X 12/16/2013 X 86 Early-Enrollee
Vaughns Verkedric CB X 8/10/2013 X 84 YES
Waz Chance S X 12/10/2013 X 80 YES
Williams Terence RB X 4/24/2013 X 93 Early-Enrollee
Wright Tion CB X 12/16/2013 X 80 Early-Enrollee
Zamora Ishmael WR X 5/21/2013 X 95 YES

Baylor could see a pair of prospects, James David and T'Kevian Rockwell, double-sign with JUCOs for academic reasons. I'll post whatever info comes available.