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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes: September 2013

Wow, September. Can you believe it? With spots dwindling further in an eventful August, Baylor has, by almost any measure, its best class in a generation or longer.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As nearly as I can tell, with 23 commits already, Baylor has either 2 or 3 spots left in the 2014 class.  Watching those spots fill up, with other schools circling and making overtures, should be quite exciting.

2014 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 19, Commits: 22

OFFENSE: QB (0/1), RB (1/2), WR (3/4), TE (2/2), OL (5/5)

RB: Terence Williams
WR: K.D. Cannon
WR: Davion Hall
WR: Ishmael Zamora
WR: Chris Platt
TE: Jordan Feuerbacher
TE: Blake Mahon
OL: Devonte Jones
OL: Josh Pelzel
OL: Blake Blackmar
OL: Patrick Lawrence
OL: Jarell Broxton (JUCO)

DEFENSE: DT (3/3), DE (2/2), LB (1/3), NB (0/1), CB (1/3), S (1/2)

DT: Andrew Morris
DT: Ira Lewis
DT: Josh Malin
DE: Xavier Jones
DE/LB: Jamie Jacobs II
MLB: James David
NB/S: T'Kevian Rockwell
ATH/CB: Jourdan Blake
CB: Verkedric Vaughns

Grayshirt Candidate: DE Greg Roberts

Remaining Needs (I think): QB, maybe RB, CB, S

Short Primer on Grayshirting from the July Review thread:

Grayshirting is not the same thing as graduating early. They’re similar in what they want to do, opposite in how they do it. Graduating early lets you get a semester of extra time with the team before your eligibility clock starts, so guys like Chris Johnson have already been through a spring practice and offseason before their freshman year. Grayshirting delays official enrollment, and the player pays their own way their first semester (the fall of what would have been their freshman year), so their eligibility clock doesn’t start until a year after it normally would have. Bryce Petty did that before redshirting, so we have one extra year. To describe it a little more clearly, using Greg Roberts as the player.

May 2014: Greg Roberts graduates high school.
August 2014: Roberts enrolls at Baylor, paying his own way.
January 2015: Roberts goes on scholarship.
August 2015: Roberts’ freshman year of eligibility begins.

2014 Wish List:

Position: Recruit Name w/ profile link (Crystal Ball Prediction)

QB: Randall Cunningham, Jr. (100% Baylor)
CB: CB Trai Mosley (committed to Nebraska)
RB/DB Corey Avery (could be the next up, there has been renewed interest)
S:  Not sure where we go from here.

Players Removed (who did not commit to us): CB John Plattenburg, LB Christian Sam, DE Victor Evans, OL Connor Mayes, OL Ty Barrett, OL Jovan Pruitt, S John Bonney

247Sports' Crystal Ball:

Baylor's 2014 Crystal Ball Prediction List (2014 and 2015) / Mark Moore's Predictions

Check back on these often; the predictions update every day.


I received zero complaints in July about the format, so that's good. If there's something you'd like to see here that isn't here, please let me know.

2014 Recruiting:

Last Update of September -- Baylor is bringing in a ton of recruits for the first conference game of 2013.  Check out the full list at the link below:

DT Zaycoven Henderson (9/13): Almost everyone considers him a lock for UT (especially UT fans) at this point, now that he has decommitted from TCU.  We're not really in the market for another DT.  But...

S Payton Hendrix (9/6): Aside from an awesome last night, Mr. Hendrix now has a Baylor offer.  It seems we've moved past Mr. Bonney pretty quickly.  I won't add him to the Wish List just yet.

S John Bonney (9/5): Committed to Texas tonight.

QB Randall Cunningham, II (8/26):  Baylor leads.

2015 Recruiting:

S PJ Locke (9/30): Visiting this weekend.

DT Darrion Daniels (9/21): We offered.

ATH Blake Lynch (9/20): Picking up offers lately like mad.

RB Chris Warren (9/11): This is the guy we want as our "big back" in the 2014 class, to pair with either Hasty or Grey.

QB Jarrett Stidham (9/1):  Our biggest target remaining at QB (still got love for you, Chad President!)

RB JaMycal Hasty (9/1): Colt Barber has an update on BearsTruth about JaMycal.  It is extremely positive.  If we could team Hasty up with Gray in our 2015 class, you strike up the band.


Rivals updated their Texas Top 100 recently, and ten Baylor recruits made the list:

3. KD Cannon, WR, Mount Pleasant
15. Davion Hall, ATH, Texarkana Liberty-Eylau
26. T'Kevian Rockwell, OLB, Wylie
31. James David, ILB, Rockdale
50. Terence Williams, RB, Ennis
65. Jourdan Blake, ATH, Princeton
67. Josh Pelzel, OL, Rockdale
93. Ishmael Zamora, WR, Alief Elsik
94. Jordan Feuerbacher, TE, Humble Kingwood Park
99. Blake Blackmar, OL, Houston Clear Lake