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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes: July 2013

The Bears enter the last month with no college football on a high note in recruiting: in the last two months our class has grown from only 4 verbal commitments for 2014 to 19, with another on board for 2015, as well. It's a great time to be a Bear!


Let's jump right to it this month. I don't, as of this moment, plan on adding any new features,* though I may play around with a table of contents to put at the top of the thread and let you jump to the subsections. We'll see about that. If you need explanation of what is going on here, a couple of links:

*Unless you want something specific, in which case you have but to ask.

2014 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 18, Commits: 21

OFFENSE: QB (0/1), RB (1/2), WR (3/4), TE (2/2), OL (5/5)

RB: Terence Williams
WR: Davion Hall
WR: Ishmael Zamora
WR: Chris Platt
TE: Jordan Feuerbacher
TE: Blake Mahon
OL: Devonte Jones
OL: Josh Pelzel
OL: Blake Blackmar
OL: Patrick Lawrence
OL: Jarell Broxton (JUCO)

DEFENSE: DT (3/3), DE (2/2), LB (2/3), NB (0/1), CB (2/3), S (1/2)

DT: Andrew Morris
DT: Ira Lewis
DT: Josh Malin
DE: Xavier Jones
DE/LB: Jamie Jacobs II
MLB: James David
LB/S: Cordell Dorsey
CB: Chad Adams
NB/S: T'Kevian Rockwell
ATH/CB: Jourdan Blake

NOTE: I'm guessing a bit on who fits where, especially on defense. I think Rockwell could be a OLB, but he probably fits better at NB. Cordell Dorsey is a S until I hear differently. Is Jamie Jacobs a DE? If so, we might not take another there. What about Ira Lewis? There are a lot of questions. Our biggest needs are clear: we want another safety, another corner, and probably another linebacker.

2014 Wish List:

Position: Recruit Name w/ profile link (Crystal Ball Prediction)

QB: Randall Cunningham, Jr. (100% Baylor)
RB: Corey Avery (100% Baylor)
WR: K.D. Cannon (86% Baylor)
LB: Christian Sam (73% Baylor)
CB: John Plattenburg (15% Baylor)
S: John Bonney (44% Baylor)

Players Removed (who did not commit): DE Victor Evans, OL Connor Mayes, OL Ty Barrett, OL Jovan Pruitt

247Sports' Crystal Ball:

Baylor's 2014 Crystal Ball Prediction List (2014 and 2015) / Mark Moore's Predictions

Check back on these often; the predictions update every day.


I didn't get hardly any complaints in the June thread about format, so I'm going to proceed the same way. Everything from now on will go here. Please feel free to make suggestions about how to improve these threads.

Baylor's last camp of 2013 took place this past Friday. Art Briles' twitter account said they had nearly 500 recruits at the camp, bringing our summer total to well over 2,000 recruits across all of our camps. Might even be 3,000. That is easily a record.

2014 Recruiting:

SB Nation Recruiting send two guys to Nike's huge camp event, The Opening. There is a wealth of good information over there for those looking at the elite of the elite. One of the players Baylor fans want to know about most, WR K.D. Cannon, was there.

LB Christian Sam (7/31): Announcing tomorrow. Reportedly between Baylor, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma. He would end Baylor's LB recruiting for this class, should he commit. And that'd be a great way to start August.

DB Jason Hall (7/27): Committed to Texas as a switch from Nebraska. Will be interesting to see how this might potentially affect John Bonney, if at all.

WR Davion Hall (7/22) : Went to Alabama last week and enjoyed himself. Says it is now definitely between Alabama and Baylor, though he is still committed to the Bears.

DB John Plattenburg, Jr. (7/15): Officially moving back to Texas for this coming season. Will play with Ira Lewis (Baylor DT commit) and John Bonney (Baylor S target) at Houston Lamar. The three are close friends. You have to believe this helps Baylor. Crystal Ball still heavily favors Washington.

QB Brandon Harris (7/10): Apparently I missed that Harris, the #1 Dual-Threat QB in the country by 247Sports, eliminated us on Monday. His final three are LSU, Auburn, and Ohio State. Crystal Ball is now locked with 97% predicting LSU.

WR K.D. Cannon (7/7): SB Nation's Wescott Eberts spoke with Cannon, who is notoriously tight-lipped about his recruitment. Also, check out what he said about Baylor and Texas this morning.

Eberts got Mr. Cannon on video, as well, talking about the recruiting process.

QB Randall Cunningham II (7/6): This post from Rivals seems to track with everything I've told you before; LSU and Baylor lead, others are circling, and he's not likely to make his mind up any time soon.

S John Bonney (7/1): Wescott also interviewed Bonney today at The Opening. He said two great things about Baylor's coaching staff and potential for improvement.

CB Trai Mosley (6/30): Baylor offered the Nebraska commit. Not sure if that changes anything at this point.

2015 Recruiting:

QB Chad President (7/28): Chad President, Baylor Bear.

ATH Blake Lynch (7/25): Had reportedly been down to Baylor and Mississippi State. Hard to tell if he's opened things back up a bit. Visited Baylor for our camp on the 19th. Loved it.

RB Soso Jamabo (7/18): Visited Baylor today unofficially. One of a handful of excellent RB prospects in the 2015 class in Texas.

Baylor welcomed two huge 2015 recruits in mid-July:
RB Chris Warren (7/18 below)
LB Maliik Jefferson

RB Ja'Mycal Hasty (7/16): The 4* RB is one of the biggest targets at the position for the Bears in 2015. Visited our camp on the 19th.

LB Ricky DeBerry (7/6): The national top-100 LB visited TCU and Baylor yesterday (7/6) in a swing through Texas. He is from Virginia.

2016 Recruiting:

QB Devin Williams (7/28): READS THIS BOARD, AS EVIDENCED BY THIS TWEET. If Baylor doesn't lead for him, I have no concept of what "leading" actually means in this context.

2017 Recruiting:

Nothing new yet from June.

Baylor's July slate of camps starts up next week, so we should have a ton of good info coming therefrom. A commit or two is also possible.