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Princeton ATH Jourdan Blake gives Baylor 17 commits for 2014

Art Briles loves taking high school QBs and playing them elsewhere, and Jourdan Blake, son of former OU coach John Blake, is no different. Princeton's QB will probably play in the secondary for the Bears, and is the 17th commitment for the 2014 class.

I mentioned this in the last post about Ira Lewis, but I really want to emphasize it here: when May began, Baylor had a grand total of 4 commitments for the 2014 class. We have that many now in the first 9 days of June, and that's in addition to the 9 from May. We also pulled our first 2015 commit, QB Chad President, along the way. Last year, our ninth and tenth commits came on June 10, which is tomorrow.

The second commit from today's camp in Waco is Princeton ATH Jourdan Blake. I say athlete in the typical recruiting sense; Blake plays QB for his high school team in Princeton (as, I am sure, the best athlete on the team) but probably won't in college. That's not to say he won't get the chance, I just suspect that Baylor DC Phil Bennett will take that size (6-1, 185) and speed (4.51 in the 40) and find a place for it in the secondary at either corner or safety. Were I a betting man, I'd say safety.

Blake is a 3* recruit according to 247Sports, who gave him a rating of 85. Aside from Baylor, he holds offers from Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Illinois, and Tulsa, as well as interest from Kansas State, Missouri, and Oregon. I have little doubt that his offer sheet would be even longer if he was playing more time away from QB, but that's plenty impressive for me. If you're looking for Blake's film, I have good news. Though his HUDL profile is bereft of highlights, someone put together a youtube video of Jourdan's 2012 performancesthat has 1,000+ views. Check it out.

Blake gives Baylor 17 commitments in the 2014 class and puts us firmly inside 247Sports' top 10 for team rankings at #8. That is by far the highest we've ever been, and unless we rack up another commitment or two with a high grade, it might be our zenith for this class. As other schools add recruits and increase their point totals, we'll probably fall. Ours is no doubt a top-20 class at this point, and it could easily get better with a few more elite recruits, but we might want to enjoy being in the top 10 while it lasts.

In case you want to follow Baylor's newest commitment on twitter, he has an active account and a message for Bear fans everywhere:

What's not to like?

The picture above is courtesy of Wescott Eberts and SB Nation Recruiting. Thanks, guys!