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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes: June 2013

With the summer camps beginning and recruiting season in full swing, Baylor now has 19 (!!) verbal commitments for the 2014 class and is adding more every day. Art Briles and his staff have a ton of momentum behind them going into the summer. Are you ready?


I was pretty happy with the way things were going in the May thread up to the point where the information simply became too much to control. The complaints about disorganization were completely merited; I simply had not though out well enough how I would handle a huge influx of offers, commitments, and other news related to Baylor recruiting. To try to keep the same from happening this month, since I doubt things will slow down much, if at all, I'm going to try something different.

2014 Recruiting Class -- National Rank: 16, Commits:19

OFFENSE: QB (0/1), RB (1/2), WR (3/4), TE (2/2), OL (4/5)

RB: Terence Williams
WR: Davion Hall
WR: Ishmael Zamora
WR: Chris Platt
TE: Jordan Feuerbacher
TE: Blake Mahon
OL: Devonte Jones
OL: Josh Pelzel
OL: Blake Blackmar
OL: Patrick Lawrence

DEFENSE: DT (2/2), DE (1/2-3), LB (2/3), NB (0/1), CB (2/3), S (1/2)

DT: Andrew Morris
DT: Ira Lewis
DE: Xavier Jones
DE/LB: Jamie Jacobs II
MLB: James David
LB/S: Cordell Dorsey
CB: Chad Adams
NB/S: T'Kevian Rockwell
ATH/CB: Jourdan Blake

2014 Wish List:

These are the recruits that, given Baylor's needs and the commits already in the fold, we have offered, have even a semi-reasonable shot to get, and with whom we would fill our remaining spots should they decide to commit. As players commit here or elsewhere, they will fall off the list and be replaced. The list incorporates my best guess at our priority list for a given position. (In parenthesis is the Crystal Ball prediction for Baylor)

QB: Randall Cunningham, Jr. (100% Baylor)
RB: Corey Avery (100% Baylor)
WR: K.D. Cannon (83% Baylor)
OL: Jovan Pruitt (0% Baylor) / Ty Barrett (0% Baylor) / JUCO Jarell Broxton (n/a)
LB: Christian Sam (73% Baylor)
CB: John Plattenburg (22% Baylor)
S: John Bonney (50% Baylor)

We could get all of them or none of them, but at this point, the priorities for each are pretty clear except DE. I'm totally spitballing there. It's possible that with Samuel Ukwuachu coming in, we only take 1, but I don't think it's likely.

*With Andrew Morris' commit, I removed DT from the list and replaced it with another LB, Christian Sam. I know I said we wouldn't take another.

247Sports' Crystal Ball:

Baylor's 2014 Crystal Ball Prediction List (2014 and 2015) / Mark Moore's Predictions

Check back on these often; the predictions update every day.


Check back to the May thread for anything you might have missed. Everything from now on will go here. Please feel free to make suggestions about how to improve these threads.

2014 Recruiting:

Baylor's camps for June have ended with the Bears in possession of 19 verbal commits. We may have to wait a bit for the next one or it may come while I'm typing this sentence. Anyway...

CB Trai Mosley (6/30): Baylor offered the Nebraska commit. Not sure if that changes anything at this point.

QB Brandon Harris (6/26): Has a final 5. Baylor is in it.

CB Nick Orr (6/24): Committed to TCU today. He was Baylor's backup plan to John Plattenburg, and now he's off the table.

CB John Plattenburg (6/17): He's in Houston (where's he originally from) for a family reunion, and he will use the time to take a visit:

DE Solomon Thomas (6/16): One guy I've been considering adding to the wishlist over Victor Evans, and whose recruitment may affect us in more than one way. Should he choose Texas, Evans might look around (Texas is considered his favorite). Should he not, the Longhorns likely push for Evans.

DE Victor Evans (6/11): Baylor offered the 3* DE on Friday and has made his latest top 5.

S Derrick Dixon (6/7): Ahmad's 3* cousin is camping this weekend.

QB Randall Cunningham, II (6/5): Multiple outlets are reporting that he will visit Baylor on 6/12 with his father rather than participate in any of our camps. You can bet we will roll out the red carpet that day. He is our #1 target at QB, as I have mentioned a few times.

TE Jordan Feuerbacher (6/5) BAYLOR COMMIT: Sounds like UT offered tonight, and he gave them the exact response you'd hope for.

OL Connor Mayes (6/3): One of the OL left that I think we'd take, and a center all the way. Plans to visit OU, TCU, TT, A&M, Baylor, KSU, and Minnesota this summer.

WR Ishmael Zamora (6/3): BAYLOR COMMIT: Another visitor at the 6/2 camp., and it probably didn't hurt to have him there with K.D. Sounds like he enjoyed himself.

TCU offered on 6/3, but Big Z said it made no difference.

WR K.D. Cannon (6/2): Probably the biggest name at the Sunday camp, as far as I know. I believe 6/2 was his fourth visit to our campus in 2013.

QB Zach Cripps (6/2): After RCII, Brandon Harris, and Aaron Sharp, it's hard to know who Baylor would look to should we decide to make another QB offer. If we don't get one of those three guys, something has gone pretty wrong. But Zach Cripps is probably on the next list, and he camped at Baylor.

LB Josh Mabin (6/1): A relatively new name to most, the 3/4* ILB put Baylor in his final three. If we think James David won't make it in because of grades, you could see us make a push for Mabin.

2015 Recruiting:

ATH/QB Blake Lynch (6/17): Down to Mississippi State and Baylor, said this today:

WR Devontre Stricklin (6/13): Baylor offered today.

QB Jarrett Stidham (6/9): Texas offered Stidham today. Stidham camped at Baylor today and reportedly enjoyed the experience.

QB Chad President (6/9) BAYLOR COMMIT: Also camped at Baylor today. He's a Bear all the way.

WR Jarrison Stewart (6/6): First time I've heard the name, but maybe someone to know down the line. SMU has offered.

WR Kemah Siverand (6/2): Baylor has not yet offered the 4* WR, but I don't think it will take long. Not after today.

2016 Recruiting:

CB C.J. Morgan (6/7): Will be in Marshall. LSU and A&M are in on the upcoming sophomore.

RB Kameron Martin (6/3): Finally received his Baylor offer (I say "finally" relatively, he's about to be a sophomore). That's one he says he's been waiting on. He camped at Baylor for the first weekend before going to A&M.

QB Devin Williams (6/2): We may already have our QB for 2015, but 2016 (upcoming sophomores) is entirely open! One guy excited to be there today was FW Southwest HS's Williams.\

2017 Recruiting: (no, seriously)

WR Deangelo Gibbs (6/12): Doesn't have any profiles because he hasn't played any HS games yet. Now he has an offer from Baylor .

This list is going to update frequently over the next few days/weeks with info from summer camps. Check back often.