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CB/S Chad Adams commits to Baylor over Arizona State, Kansas, and Washington

Baylor held its first on-campus camp of the 2013 summer recruiting season today to great effect; DB Chad Adams gave his pledge to Art Briles and his staff, becoming the 3rd commitment in three days and the 14th overall for Baylor Football.


This is really getting crazy now: in the last 30 days, Baylor now has 10 commitments total, including QB Chad President for 2015. The 2014 class is now more than half-full, with even the most optimistic projections for our class size giving us 10 or 11 spots, at most, left. If you are sitting on a Baylor offer, you might want to think twice about sitting on it for long.

The latest in the commitment string came from Allen DB Chad Adams, a CB in high school that will probably play either CB or cover safety for Baylor at the next level. At 5'9", 165 pounds, he's what I've come to think of the prototypical Phil Bennett cornerback in the mold of recent recruits Ryan Reid and Patrick Levels (both 2012), but he might also be a clone of safety Terrell Burt, another part of the 2012 class that played in his true freshman year and looks ticketed for a starting role this fall. No matter his eventual position, he has the one thing our staff craves above all else: speed, and he has it in spades.

Of the major recruiting services, 247Sports is the most bullish on Adams, as you can see from their Composite (TM) ranking system. They have him with a grade of 86 , making him a 3* recruit and the 8th highest-ranked in our class. With his commitment, Baylor rose to #12 in the team rankings, something that, at this point, has much more to do with the number of commitments than the average star ranking. As other teams add recruits, particularly highly-ranked ones, we are likely to fall unless we do the same. The good news there is that several recruits that would help us in that respect are still in-play, to the point that I'd be genuinely shocked if we didn't keep a ranking in the top 15 to 20 by the end of the recruiting season. It's also likely that a few of our guys will receive bumps of varying size as we go through the evaluation process. Remember: these guys haven't even played their senior seasons yet.

Of the 14 we have now, 4 look slotted for defense, leaving 10 on the offensive side. Don't freak out about this. We always knew 2014 would be a class dominated by offense given what we have on the roster already and what we added in 2013, which leaned significantly the other way. This class won't end with a ratio like 10 to 4, but if we finished with something like 15 to 10, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

It's worth noting, as well, that Baylor has gone back to the well at Allen for the second consecutive year. Briles and Bennett have both said in the past that they like recruiting for schools that win, and in that respect, few win as much as Allen, who is coming off a state championship in 2012 and looking to repeat.

Check out Adams' HUDL videos, which are public, and let me know what you think. Also, if you're on twitter, throw him a follow @Chad_Era5. Briles follows him, so why shouldn't you?