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Randall Cunningham and son are on-campus today in Waco

Baylor's #1 target at QB is confirmed to be on-campus visiting today after arriving in Waco last night. All initial reports are that the visit is going extremely well.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ODB's unofficial reporter on the ground (that doesn't know he's a reporter on the ground) Glasco Martin IV has confirmed that Randall Cunningham, Sr., with his son, Randall Cunningham, Jr., is on-campus today. Baylor has been hoping for this visit for some time with our #1 QB target.

It's unknown at this point whether Baylor will push for a commit. I have to believe they'll at least broach the topic should things go well. RC2 is a 3* QB recruit, graded at 87 by 247Sports, but that grade is likely to rise this season, his first as the starting QB for Bishop Gorman.

I can't tell you how important this visit is today. Bringing RC2 into the fold would be huge for the recruitment of our remaining targets: guys like K.D. Cannon, Jovan Pruitt, Corey Avery, and the like. RC2 is a name, and a talent, that you can hang your hat on and say "this is the future of our program, come be a part of it." Acquiring another Baylor fan of tremendous import in his father would be a benefit not to be dismissed lightly, as well.

Before you watch the video I embedded below, check out, once again, RC2's HUDL highlights. I think you'll see, from the incredible blend of athleticism and natural ability, why our coaches want him. Oh, and if you see Randall and a 6'5" version of himself walking around campus today, be sure to throw them a Sic 'Em!

I can't wait to do similar things on NCAA 2015 with RC2.