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2014 Recruit to Watch: Randall Cunningham, Jr.

Yeah, there's another Randall Cunningham. And he's a quarterback, if you can believe it. Baylor wants him enough to become his first offer (so far), and apparently the Bears are quite interested. As am I.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Those who follow me on twitter saw the following retweet yesterday afternoon about a Baylor offer for the 2014 class:

The first thing that came to mind, seriously, was this interview Robert Griffin III did in 2011. I'll quote the pertinent part:

Q: Was there someone who stood out to you athletically as a role model?

A: As far as quarterbacks go, getting to watch Randall Cunningham, Kenny Stabler, Steve Young, guys like that. Even Michael Vick, early on with the Falcons. To see that and know that I have those abilities and can go out there and generate excitement and wins games just like those guys, that kind of pushed me to try and be the best that I could be."

So we have the greatest player in school history identifying a specific player-- Randall Cunningham-- as an inspiration to him and it just so happens that player now has a son. Who is a QB. That we are recruiting. That, my friends, is what we in the biz call "stars aligning."

Before we go any further, check this out.

That's a jump of 7 feet, 1 inch. He just jumped over Shaquille O'Neal.

Ok, now check out his Rivals profile. As I said, Baylor is his first offer, but he's showing interest from such luminaries in the college football world as Ohio State, UCLA, and most of the rest of the Pac12. He plays football in Nevada, so that only makes sense.

Finally, watch his HUDL videos. He's listed at 6-5, 185, so he's basically a string bean at this point, but you can see the obvious physical ability. He's already taller as a junior (assuming that height is correct) than his father, the eponymous Randall Cunningham. But I love him.

This could be one to watch over the coming months as Art Briles and company narrow their focus on the 2014 recruiting class. To date, I know of only two offers at QB, RC2 (that's what I'm calling him) and Jerrod Heard, who is committed to Texas. That would at least suggest to me that we view this guy more highly than in-state options like Pat Mahomes or Josh Cripps, both of whom were at Baylor's first Junior Day last weekend. One reason that is interesting to me is that if his stats are correct on MaxPreps, Cunningham didn't start for his team this year or really throw the ball much at all (after investigating, he backed up a QB that just signed with Arizona). He was used far more as a runner than anything else. That means our coaches either saw something they really liked in an extremely small number of games or have been put onto him some other way. I don't know if that makes me feel better about things or worse, but hey, Randall freaking Cunningham, right?

I don't know if we'll get him or if we even really have a chance, but I'm excited all the same.