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Baylor 2013 DT Andrew Billings breaks Mark Henry's State Powerlifting Record

With a combined lift of 2010 lbs in the squat, bench, and deadlifts today, incoming Baylor DT Andrew Billings of Waco, Texas broke the record set by Mark Henry himself and then rebroken in 2007 to became the third Texas high schooler ever to cross the 2000-lb. threshold.

Michael Steele

I'm waiting for video or an official posting, but the word is that he went 805 on the squat, 500 on the benchpress, and 705 on the deadlift for a combined weight of 2010 lbs. He joins Mark Henry, aka "The Strongest Man That Ever Lived" as the only high schoolers ever to lift over 2,000 lbs.*

Check the update below-- apparently there are three high schoolers to have broken this mark.

Just a reminder: This is an eighteen-year-old kid. He'll be a freshman next year. And he's probably the strongest person, regardless of age, in the state of Texas right now, if not the country. 2010 pounds. He nearly lifted a pound for every year that has passed since the birth of Christ (no matter if you believe Christ was actually born in 1 A.D. or 2).

I'll be shocked if he's not playing this year.

Since I don't have a video from today (yet), here's Billings squatting 775 just a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: Confirmation is at hand.

I mean, I guess that's pretty strong. I've never done it, but I've never tried, either.

UPDATE II: According to and Mr. Barrett himself on the ODB Facebook page, Billings is actually the third high schooler in the state of Texas to lift a combined weight of 2000 pounds or more. Barrett reportedly broke Henry's record in 2007 with a lift of 2005 pounds, then Billings broke that record this past weekend. I apologize for any inaccuracy in the initial report.