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Baylor Recruiting 2013: National Signing Day Primer

On the eve of National Signing Day and barring something crazy happening in the next 24 hours, here's Baylor's 2013 recruiting as it should be when the ink dries and the fax machines spin tomorrow. It's quite possibly the best recruiting class in Baylor's Big 12 history.


We're just a few hours out now from the official beginning of National Signing Day for the 2013 recruiting period, and it appears by all accounts that Baylor's class is now full. To celebrate, I created a spreadsheet of Baylor's 2013 recruiting class with links to each player's profile from each of the three major services, their rankings by each service (national, state, and position where applicable), and the most recent heights and weights I can find.

That sheet is available on Google Docs, though it is not editable. I trust you guys, but I don't trust you that much. You can also click "Sheet 1" at the bottom and see how things compare to last season, too. This year, we have 3 consensus 4* players (including one who is a 5* by 2), 3 others who received a 4* rating by at least one service, and basically 3*s all the rest of the way. Right now it is ranked 19th by 247Sports, 26th by Rivals, and 26th by Scout. It is by any measure the best recruiting class of the Art Briles Era and likely the best in a generation, at least.

As far as tomorrow goes, things should be pretty tame by 2013 standards for Baylor's recruiting class. We have 23 commits at this moment including the 4 that have already signed and enrolled, so Baylor will be expecting 19 signatures tomorrow from commitments who have not yet signed (obviously). As far as I know, we are not big players for last-minute switches, nor are any of our current commits likely to entertain switching. It should be a pretty uneventful, although very exciting!, day by the fax machine.

Official Coverage:'s NSD Page

This post will mark the start of a new Story Stream dedicated solely to NSD 2013. In the morning, I will make an Open Thread for NSD to consolidate conversations/celebrations about recruiting in one place. Every time one of our players signs, I will put up an update in that stream. Several will probably sign together, so I'll probably streamline things by doing group posts. Like I said, there shouldn't be any surprises, but you never really know.

Our class breaks down as follows by position:

QB: 1
RB: 1
WR : 2
TE: 1
OL: 2
DT: 3
DE: 2
OLB: 3
MLB: 1
NB: 1
CB: 3
S: 2
K: 1

That's 23 commitments at this point with no others on the horizon that I know of. We were apparently hoping for 25, meaning we might be in a position later in the spring to pick up a late qualifier if one comes available. We also may have a spot open for a transfer or two.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread and I'll update the post. Tomorrow, about 20 great recruits become brand new Baylor Bears. I know they're just as excited, if not more so, than we are.