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JUCO OG Dionte Savage to OU

If you need more proof that you can't make someone love you, we have it now in the form of Dionte Savage's apparent decision to decommit. Baylor's OL class just lost its best remaining player, and our hole at RG remains.

The White House

This one is a kick in the nuts, you guys. I'm not going to lie to you. Once a relative unknown, the process of Savage's decommitment from Baylor began with his glowing report following a visit to Texas Tech last weekend and ended today with his decision to sign with the Sooners.

Baylor's recruiting class is now back to 22 with a seeming weakness on the OL after the departures of Rami Hammad and Savage to UT and OU, respectively. With so little time left in the recruiting season, getting another player with the potential to make an impact on the OL immediately is probably a longshot. I'm not depressed about this news by any means, but it does appear that the 2013 Baylor Bears will be slightly less good than they would have been otherwise. We've got work to do on the offensive line, particularly the interior, replacing both Ivory Wade and Cameron Kaufhold/Jake Jackson from this year's group.

After NSD, I plan to do a breakdown of the entire depth chart through the incoming class, and it seems interior OL should be as good a place as any to start.