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Decision Monday for Baylor's JUCO Recruits

OG Dionte Savage and DT Terell Brooks are set to make their decisions known today at some point or another. Both fill tremendous needs for this Baylor class, if they come, and are critical components of the Bears 2013 roster.

I just love this picture.  That's the only reason I used it.
I just love this picture. That's the only reason I used it.
Sarah Glenn

OG Dionte Savage

Fresh off his weekend trip to OU, Dionte Savage announced yesterday that he will be announcing today where he intends to go to college. The good news is that the previous threat from Lubbock is now out of consideration for the Baylor commit-- and he is still committed. The bad news is that OU has taken their place.

OU appears to be offering a chance at competing for a starting job in 2013 with a relatively crowded roster, while Baylor probably offers more immediate playing time at RG for the JUCO standout, who has 2 years to play 2. I may be biased in saying this, but if I were in Savage's place, I'd want a situation where I could make the biggest impact as quickly as possible. Time is not exactly his friend. Baylor's recent success with JUCO OL-- Robert T. Griffin and Danny Watkins, specifically-- gives them a powerful argument in their favor.

I don't know where Savage is going to end up, but I do know that from everything I've read of him, he appears to be approaching this decision exactly as you would hope he would: thoughtfully and with all possible respect given to the coaching staffs involved. I'm not sure how much more you can ask.

We should know something about where Savage is going this afternoon. Should he choose to decommit and head north, I don't know of any backup plan Baylor might have, if they have one at this point at all.

DT Terell Brooks

Brooks visited this past weekend and all reports are that the visit went well. Without knowing much more about it than that, I'd put Baylor in the driver's seat for Brooks, who is reportedly down to either the Bears or Miami. Miami's draw can be powerful, though.

Andrew Billings' commitment tomorrow could make the need for Brooks somewhat less dire, but that's obviously a dicey proposition, as well. Nobody except Billings really knows what he's going to do at this point, so Baylor needs Brooks to make the call for the Bears today if at all possible.

In other news, we might have a new 2013 commit coming down the pipe in Desoto LB Taylor Young. Young announced on twitter that he will be coming to Baylor next season, I just don't know what type of role that commitment would fill. Is he a preferred walk-on? Grayshirt? Full-scholarship member of the 2013 class? I don't know, but I think we'll find out shortly. When we do, I'll post about Mr. Young one way or the other.

In football terms, Young was the 5A Defensive Player of the Year despite his short stature (you don't see many 5-10 LBs in college). He may be better suited in college to move to FB, something you don't really see much in Baylor's offense. I'm intrigued at what Phil Bennett might try to do with the lightly-recruited Young in the coming years.