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Report: Waco DT Andrew Billings announcing his collegiate decision on Monday, February 4

So it looks like Billings' might not be a Signing Day decision, after all, according to ESPN's William Wilkerson. There had been some reports as recently as a few minutes ago that Billings would announce on Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The plan, as far as I know it, has always been for Billings to announce his decision on local radio ESPN 1660 with David Smoak. When we get more information about a schedule for that announcement, I'll let you know.

Here's the tweet from Wilkerson:

The latest rumors about Billings' leanings about this point say he is still firmly up in the air. I've seen some sources say that Baylor leads while others put him in the UT camp. TCU, however, has reportedly come on strong in the wake of a positive in-home visit with the 4* DT.

I can't find anyone or anything that can confirm if Baylor still has an in-home visit remaining with Billings or not. If we do, you might see that happen later this week, and that could be a tremendous boost to our chances. UT and TCU have both used theirs, obviously.