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JUCO DT Terrell Brooks decommits from Baylor

Baylor isn't entirely out of the picture, though, according to the tweet from Todd Wills of Baylor's Rivals board. Brooks will visit this weekend officially after having seen KSU and Miami.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the tweet at issue:

So it seems what this really means is that Brooks may still commit to Baylor again following the visit, where I assume our coaching staff will pull out all the stops. This is obviously not a good thing, but it's not all bad, either. If Brooks weren't taking the visit this weekend, I'd say this one was done and Baylor will have to move on, but he is.

Hopefully we can get good news from Andrew Billings-- the recruit we need most out of everyone in this class, I think-- tomorrow to right the Baylor recruiting ship. With Rami Hammad jumping to Texas last week, Brooks decommitting today, and Dionte Savage possibly doing the same in the near future, our recruiting mojo seems to be lost. We need to turn this thing around!