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Kicker Chris Callahan is taking his leg to Waco!

Actually, he's probably taking both. I can't imagine a kicker would be all that effective with only one. Anyway, Baylor welcomed an unexpected commitment last night in K/P Chris Callahan, who will gray-shirt this coming season and enroll on scholarship in January 2014.

Joe Robbins

Callahan handles kickoffs, punts, and placekicking duties, so if you are concerned about using a scholarship on a kicker, just know that this might actually end up being a net positive from that perspective. Eventually Callahan does all three things, giving us another scholarship to use somewhere else, like on a defensive lineman or something.

I have to admit that this commitment caught me completely off-guard, if only because I believed Art Briles to be vaguely familiar with the concept of special teams but not all that interested in the details. Giving a scholarship, albeit one delayed for a year*, to a kicker out of high school is definitely a step in the right direction. That the Houston Second Baptist product reportedly has a monster leg is icing on the cake.

*It's important to note that Callahan is gray-shirting. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means he will enroll this summer on scholarship before paying his own way in the Fall Semester and going back on scholarship next January. He doesn't count against the 85-scholarship limit in that scenario, nor does he lose a year of eligibility.

In addition to the leg, Callahan has a sweet website devoted entirely to his kicking called, appropriately,, and several highlight videos both on Youtube and HUDL. Chris Sailer, who I believe is some kind of kicking expert because why would you fake being a kicking expert, says this about Callahan:

Chris is an outstanding kicker. He has a huge leg and hits a great ball off the ground. Shows D1 talent at all 3 positions. He is smooth on field goals, big on kickoffs, and a very capable punter. He kicks with confidence. He has proven he is worthy of a D1 scholarship. I expect Chris to be a great player at the college level. Big time prospect.

His HUDL videos are divided into punts and kicks for your perusal. Check them out, if you know anything about kicking or consider yourself a novice in such, and let me know what you think. His primary Youtube video is embedded below.

Welcome to Baylor, Chris!