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ATH Chevoski Collins to announce 10/8

3/4* Livingston star's list has meandered a bit recently, but apparently now includes the Bears. Does Baylor have a chance?

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Just a few days ago, the OU Rivals site reported that ATH Chevoski Collins had trimmed his list to OU, UT, and TCU out of a final five that previously included Baylor. Now, in the tweet below, ESPN's Damon Sayles says Baylor may still actually have a chance and that TCU is out of the picture. Sayles has been known before to leave out schools accidentally in this type of situation, so it's entirely possible that he meant to include all of Collins' original top 5. Collins is notoriously difficult to speak with from all accounts, so one or both could be dealing with bad information.

If I had to guess, I'd tell Baylor fans that we shouldn't hold our breath. I haven't seen our odds reported as favorable anywhere that I can remember. Still, it may be worth paying attention to Collins' recruitment in the next two weeks. I think he's criminally underrated by most services based on what I've seen, but I'm certainly not an expert. Rivals has him as a 3* on the edge of the top-50 players in the state, while 247Sports puts him closer to the top-30 and gives him that fourth star.