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SBNation's Under Armour Game Coverage, including Baylor commit Robbie Rhodes

By some lunacy I'll never understand, only one Baylor commit is playing in one of the two post-season games this year, and it's 4/5* WR Robbie Rhodes. Here's everything SB Nation Recruiting has on the Under Armour game, which has practices going on all week that you can watch on ESPN.

SB Nation's Bud Elliott is at the practices this week and will be reporting on every prospect involved. His stuff will be localized in this StoryStream.

Check back there for updates on the game, the players, and the daily performances from practice. If anything directly related to Robbie Rhodes comes up, I'll make sure to put it in this thread. You should also follow the @SBNRecruiting account if you don't already so you can get updates on twitter.

SB Nation Recruiting flickr account. Will have pictures uploaded periodically.