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The 2024 Baylor Football Signing Class

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Christian Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The second signing day has come and gone and with it is Baylor’s 2024 recruiting class. Baylor will bring in the #54 overall recruiting class and the #41 ranked transfer class. Not ideal where the numbers show, but the numbers don’t always tell the story. Two big time playmakers for Baylor last season were Caden Jenkins and Dawson Pendergrass, both rated at an 86 and towards the bottom end of Baylor’s class that year.

So, in that spirit, we will start at the bottom of the rankings working our way up as we check in with this class.

Nate Bennett | QB | Oaks Christian | 6-1/160 | 84 | ***

Some won’t like seeing a QB this low on a rating but I really like what he brings to the table. The touch and placement on his throws is a chef’s kiss posting a 72% accuracy in his senior season throwing for 19 tds on 3 ints. He can put some heat on it when he needs to, but also possesses the knowledge to turn it down and have great accuracy when he needs just a short lob over the middle or on a fade. Could that be an issue in college? Sure. Everyone’s fast at the next level, but if that is an issue, I expect it to be figured out pretty quick in practice before he’s in a game situation.

Koltin Sieracki | IOL | The Woodlands | 6-3/300 | 84 | ***

Brother of Baylor OL Kaden Sieracki, Koltin has been committed to the Bears for a little over a year now. He holds a total of 9 P5 offers including Baylor. Difficult to really dive into Koltin with very little senior film uploaded, but assuming he’s improved (as one would hope), he stands to be a strong force on the interior line. Someone who has center experience and can take command of the o line is an absolute must. I don’t expect him to be a factor as a freshman, nor do I want him to as starting freshman o linemen is a no no in my book and a whole nother conversation.

Keation Thomas | LB | Northeast MS CC | 6-2/230 | 85 | ***

Baylor’s first JUCO commit of the class who saw a huge spike in his recruitment from his year in JUCO. In high school he played a lot of OLB and occasionally slid back to safety. When he moved to JUCO, he made the move to MLB and his game came alive. I see a lot of Terrel Bernard in his game and hope that he continues to make that jump like he did in year one. If he does, then the comparison that I see might not be so far fetched.

Kyland Reed | LB | Mansfield Summit | 6-2/210 | 85 | ***

His speed and lateral movement off the edge is incredible. He can also drop back and defend the pass pretty well, but his name is going to be made coming off the edge. There’s a chance that he can make an appearance as a freshman on the defensive side of the ball, but I believe he will start turning heads on special teams early on.

Brock Jackson | Edge | Lumberton | 6-3/245 | 86 | ***

Anger and attitude coming to the d line. The defense has needed some swagger and Brock could very well be the guy that brings it in. Guy seems like he’s coated in grease the way that he is able to split the o line and make it to the QB. If he adds more mass during the offseason and can maintain his elusiveness and speed then he might be able to rise up the depth chart as the season goes on.

Kris Wokomah | S | Bowie | 5-11/180 | 86 | ***

I’ve been gushing over most of the guys on this list because I see a lot of the high end of what these guys can do. This is one of the few times that I am taking a more of a “show me” stance. When he has the ball in his hands after a turnover, he does incredible things, but how often does that happen? He may see some time at punt and/or kick return, but I want to see him do more on the defensive side of the ball.

Kyler Beaty | CB | Comanche | 6-0/170 | 86 | ***

Hard hitting corners are few and far between these days, but luckily Baylor found themselves one. If WRs don’t want to bring it on a blocking assignment, Kyler is going to blow them up and make a play.

Tristan Santoro | OT | Evangel Christian Academy | 6-6/271 | 87 | ***

Hard to say with really limited film, but a 6’6” 270 tackle isn’t something to scoff at. I wish I had more, but there isn’t much for me to give an analysis on.

Mason Dossett | ATH | Ridge Point | 6-0/180 | 87 | ***

BAYLOR GOT A LEGACY!!!!1!!!!11!!ONE!1 And that’s just one of the exciting things that Mason will bring to Baylor. Now, he’s listed as a safety but I’ve put him as an athlete. He has said that he will make the swap to goto the defensive side of the ball, but much like Dawson, I’ll believe it when I see it. I believe that Mason could make for a very good safety, but I think it is going to be very hard to keep the ball out of his hands on the offensive side of the ball. As we all know, the WR room left a lot to be desired after last year and if Mason has an offseason like Dawson, how do you keep him off the field on offense?

Tonga Lolohea | DL | Tyler JC | 6-5/310 | 88 | ***

That’s a big big man. I’m personally more of a fan of the shorter bowling ball DTs, but Tonga does work. Tyler JC has done a good job at producing some pretty good talent and Baylor has needed a more stereotypical DT that they sorely missed last year. Tonga is likely a day one starter based on need, but he still brings a load and will be a force to deal with as he clogs up holes up front.

Jadon Porter | ATH | Lorena | 5-11/190 | 88 | ***

The longest reigning commit for this class. Jadon started it all and stayed strong the whole way.I was in the mindset for the longest time that Jadon was going to be a really solid possession receiver but as his senior season progressed, he was able to make some big plays down the stretch and really started showing up on the defensive side of the ball as well. Perhaps he will be a WR duo with Mason or maybe he makes the swap to defense. It will be interesting to watch.

Joseph Dodds | RB | Tidehaven | 5-11/205 | 88 | ***

A hard running, downhill playmaker. If a lane is open for him, he’s gonna hit it and make you pay. There’s a ton of power behind him when he runs and he shouldn’t get arm tackled by anyone. Combine that with a college weight program, and there could be some nasty runs in store for him. Abram Smith if Abram Smith had stayed at RB the whole time? Gosh I hope so.

Joshua Lair | S | Fort Bend Marshall | 6-1/185 | 89 | ***

A wise man once said, “And the hits start comin, and they don’t stop comin,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe how Lair flies to the football. He plays the run like a LB and patrols the field like a center fielder. Textbook for the STAR position.

Alex Foster | Edge | St Joseph | 6-5/250 | 89 | ***

A big man should not be able to move like that. Alex was good as a Jr and he became great as a Sr. You can watch just a small portion of his film and completely understand why Texas made a huge run at him. He very easily could see the field as a freshman in my opinion, and the d line could see a big improvement if he draws attention his way.