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JUCO Transfers Autry, Faulk dismissed from team

What is a slow news day?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive lineman B.J. Autry and defensive lineman Jeremy Faulk have been dismissed from the football team according to John Werner. This news becomes official after reports earlier today indicating the pair of JUCO linemen had been suspended.

This news likely puts pressure on incoming freshmen like Bravion Roy to step in and contribute immediately and further complicates the need to replace 4/5 starters on the offensive line.

There is no official word yet why the two, who were both expected to contribute heavily this coming season, were removed but rest assured we will update you when we have that information. This has been an incredibly tenuous time for Baylor Athletics, and specifically Baylor football so as we have been saying the last few weeks, please think twice before commenting.