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Jim Grobe Introduced as Baylor's Head Coach

Jim Grobe is now Baylor's Interim Head Coach. He's given his introductory press conference. Let's talk about it.

Baylor Bears

Jim Grobe is now the Interim Head Coach of Baylor football after having been introduced at this afternoon's press conference. He gave a prepared statement and then opened up the floor to questions, answering everything from what he's seen regarding the Pepper Hamilton Report, the mentality of the team, handling the 2016 commits, the coaching staff, and much more. If you didn't get the chance to watch, the press conference is archived and you can access it right here. I highly recommend checking it out, it's solid. Here are some of the highlights:

  • He plans to keep the offense and defense the same. No changes on either side of the ball.
  • The coaching staff is remaining intact. He is not aware of any coaches implicated in the Pepper Hamilton Report.
  • He has the authority to make coaching staff changes, if need be.
  • He's met with players, they're "embarrassed" and down regarding Briles, but determined to doing the right thing and motivated.
  • He plans to meet with all of the 2016 commits that are seeking releases from their NLIs, as well as their parents. He spoke of slowing the process down, to have a "cooling off period."
  • He did say that they intend to follow the NCAA NLI process.
  • He's started reaching out to the 2017 decommits.
  • No indications of sanctions by the NCAA.
  • He's excited by the talent level of the team.
  • Zero-tolerance policy for any serious situations. Players know this. The football program will immediately refer it to Title IX and back out. Their job is to coach the program.
  • He loves Kaz Kazadi.

My Impressions

My immediate impression of Coach Grobe was "solid." I was impressed by how level he was, how articulate he was in answering questions, and how he didn't shy away from anything. No help needed. It won't be a popular answer, but Grobe said that he's absolutely unaware of any of the remaining coaching staff that was implicated in the Pepper Hamilton Report, and fully expects the coaching staff to remain intact going forward.

He spoke twice about the 2016 commits and the NLI process. He first spoke about giving them a "cooling off period," to allow them some time between the events of the past week before making the call on what to do going forward. At first it sounded like he might be willing to entertain the possibility of allowing players out of their NLI. He got another question about it later in the press conference, though, in which he indicated that the program would follow NCAA guidelines on NLIs. I don't know if that means that they won't release anyone directly, but instead will require commits to go through the NLI appeals process. I'm sure we'll get more on that in the coming days.

All told, it was a steady, articulate introductory press conference. He handled each question well enough, and didn't overly run afoul of any sticky areas, regardless of whether folks like his answers or not. I, for one, was impressed.

What'd you think of the presser?