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Baylor Releases "Dress Code" for Upcoming Football Season

After several short-notice attempts at recommended attire for games, Baylor Football has released gameday attire suggestions for each game this season.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Over the past several days, the official Baylor Football Twitter account has been releasing the officially sanctioned guide Gameday Attire for each of the home games of the 2016 season. In the past, they've attempted to do coordinated attire with short notice, to extremely mixed results. The most successful efforts to date have been the Blackout of 2013 and the Stripe McLane effort for homecoming 2014. Other attempts have been thwarted by weather, for the most part, with others just being put out there with too short of notice. Not so this season. With over two months to go until the first game of the season, we now have a full season's worth of suggested attire. You've got plenty of time to get gear corresponding to the suggestions, so let's make it happen.

September 2: Split Green & Gold

This first set is a split 50/50 on the stadium: West side wears Green, East wears gold. Easy.

September 10: Whiteout

Interesting. We've never attempted a whiteout before, though if done correctly it can look absolutely striking. SMU tried a whiteout last season, and one of the more iconic pictures of the 2015 season came from it.

September 24: Goldout

We've tried this a couple of times (2013 WVU: sold out gold out) and it just wasn't communicated well enough to make it happen.

October 15: Stripeout

Go ahead and mark it down. For the foreseeable future, we'll be striping McLane for Homecoming. It looked great two years ago, but last year was an epic failure because MONSOON. It poured rain the entire game, the parade was canceled, and Seth broke his neck. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

November 5: Greenout

This one is really interesting to me. I'm not entirely convinced that it will be all that striking of an image, but then, I was skeptical of the BlackOUt in 2013 and was SO happy to be wrong about that one. I'll take a wait-and-see approach here.

November 19: Green, White, and Gold

Senior Day is also an interesting one. The upper deck wears green. The 200 levels wear white, while the lower bowl wears gold. Not what I was expecting, but hey, I'm up for it. It could be really sharp.

With the release of the final Gameday attire this morning, we now know that there will NOT be a blackout this season as there has been the past three. I don't know what spurred that decision. The 2013 BlackOUt was by far the best of the three. While folks point out that none of the rest have lived up to that first experience, I'd respond by saying that both Blackout attempts in McLane stadium have been marred by rain. The OSU 2014 game was a monsoon topped only by Homecoming 2015, and the OU game of 2015 was similarly rainy. Inclement weather really hurts efforts to coordinate gameday attire.

What do you think of these particular Gameday Attire choices? What about apparel coordination in general? Let us know in the comments.