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Pepper Hamilton Report Could be Released Today

According to ESPN 1660's David Smoak, the Pepper Hamilton report on its investigation at Baylor could be released today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here's Smoak's tweet:

He followed up with this, making sure to say that he was not aware of what form the release could take (whether it would be the full report or not):

These tweets, combined with a few informative tweets by Joe Schad, make me think we're going to hear something today. Here's what Schad has said so far:

I have been told that there are meetings occurring as we speak, and it would make sense that the PH report would be the biggest topic of discussion, as well as the speculation around Ken Starr's continued involvement at Baylor.

I don't have much more information for you at this point than that, so I figured we could use this thread as an open thread of sorts for developments throughout the day.  If anything else drops, or any new information comes out, we will update and/or post a new thread.