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Report: Former Baylor DE Shawn Oakman Accused of Sexual Assault

The Waco Tribune-Herald is reporting that police are investigating accusations resulting from an incident that occurred early Sunday morning.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The tweet below, posted by the Waco Trib's account about an hour ago, stops short of identifying Shawn Oakman as the player at issue, but subsequent tweets from other places (including newspeople in/around Waco) confirmed that he is the accused:

Oakman, as I'm sure you're aware, transferred to Baylor from Penn State in 2012 after being kicked off the team there, sat out the following season after not being granted a waiver to play immediately, played as a backup in 2013, and then started each of the last two years.  Coming into this season after a breakout year in 2014, Oakman was viewed as a potential first-round draft pick before struggling somewhat with injuries and relative ineffectiveness.

I included the word "accused" above in relation to Oakman intentionally.  As of yet, nobody has been arrested or formally charged. Should that situation change, we will do our best to keep everyone informed. I would ask that you please think carefully before commenting as well. This isn't the time for rivalry cheap shots, or personal attacks, after all. This is more serious than sports.