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NFL Draft 2016: The Cincinnati Bengals Select Baylor DT Andrew Billings in the Fourth Round

Our long national nightmare is over, as the Cincinnati Bengals select Andrew Billings with the 122nd overall pick.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the 122nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals ended Andrew Billings somewhat inexplicable fall and got themselves what could be the steal of the draft. After Corey Coleman in the first and Xavien Howard in the second, Billings is the third Baylor player taken this year.

More and more folks took to Twitter as the second and third rounds rolled on last night express their shock and surprise that Billings hadn't been drafted, given Billings' status as Co-Defensive Player of the Year, his freakish strength and general dominance overall. Then there was the fact that a KICKER went in the second round, and Billings didn't.

That's just the teensiest taste of the general reaction on Twitter. After awhile, phantom knee issues started surfacing, and those were debunked. Finally, the Bengals saw reason today and decided to swipe up Billings while they could, earning them instant plaudits from the Twitterverse:

Congrats, Andrew, and congrats Cincinnati!