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NFL Draft 2016: The Cleveland Browns Select Corey Coleman 15th Overall

RGIII to Corey Coleman will be a real thing in Cleveland this year.

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

If you didn't want to be a Cleveland Browns fan this season, I have bad news: they just paired up Robert Griffin III and Corey Coleman.  Coleman, who was selected 15th overall in the first round, is the first wide receiver off the board in the 2016 NFL Draft and will be a cornerstone of the Cleveland offense for years to come.

The scouting report on Coleman is pretty simple: though he's not the biggest guy in the world, he has game-breaking speed and ability once he gets the ball in his hands. Hue Jackson and his staff will undoubtedly make doing just that a priority going forward, and Coleman's versatility -- he played inside, outside, and even some RB in a Tavon Austin-esque role for Baylor -- will help in that regard.

I'm ecstatic for Coleman in that not only did he go in the first round, he is officially a Top-15 draft pick.  That's higher than even the most optimistic Baylor and/or Coleman fans thought going in, and I'll take it.  Plus, he gets to play with familiar faces in RGIII and (maybe) Josh Gordon going forward.  The Browns are officially putting together a Baylor offense in Cleveland, at least in terms of personnel.

Congrats, Corey!  Congrats, Cleveland!  Pretty fitting that he went from a Baylor #1 jersey to a Browns #1 on Draft night, right?