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NCAA Lifts Ban on Satellite Camps

The NCAA is reversing its decision to ban schools from having Satellite Camps.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, the NCAA's Division I Council announced the controversial decision to ban schools from hosting off-campus satellite camps, which served as both skills clinics and recruiting trips for many schools. The decision was met with widespread derision from virtually all sides—media, coaches, and players included.

Today the NCAA Board of Governors voted to rescind the ban, less than a month after it was recommended. According to the Mothership, the ban had gone into temporary effect while awaiting final approval from the Board of Governors, which would have come today. Instead, the Board decided to rescind it.

This comes as good news for schools and players alike; schools get to host their skills camps and get a look at a larger set of players, while recruits get to have the schools come to them instead of having to shell out the cash for visits to the schools.

Baylor's wasting no time in reinstating the camp it was hosting with Michigan prior to the announcement of this ban. According to this tweet by Cris Dishman, the camp with Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines' staff is back on and slated for June 12th.