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Roll Call: Baylor's 2016 Open Spring Practice

Tomorrow morning, most Baylor fans will get their first real look at the 2016 Bears in an open practice at McLane Stadium beginning at 12 PM. I'll be there. Will you?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For the first substantive non-joke post of the day, I wanted to get the community's temperature on tomorrow's open practice, something I know a lot of people are looking forward to in Baylor Nation.  Here's the details from the man himself:

If you can't sweet the tweet, the fanfest portion of the festivities will kick off at 10 AM, followed by the opening of the stadium itself at 11.  The practice is scheduled to begin at noon.

You probably knew all that if you've been paying attention on the Twitterverse, but what you didn't know is something Baylor trotted out today:

That's right; you can buy your way onto the field for tomorrow's practice for the low, low price of $100, or you can get a lap around the field for $15.  It's your call.  You can also catch a pass on the field for $15, too.  I don't know if any of these prices work for the whole family or just one person. You'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable than I am!

The Seymour Clan is planning to attend tomorrow's open practice, barring some unexpected complication, and I'm curious if anyone else from the board will be there, too.  So post in the comments or vote in the poll.  I hope I see everyone there tomorrow!

I will, of course, post my thoughts after we get back home.  Here's a few things I'll be looking at, specifically:

  • QB Play -- I want to see Seth Russell in action, obviously!
  • OL -- It's been a concern so far this spring, considering we're replacing 4/5 starters.  We've been told the DL, which is also replacing quite a bit, is getting the better of them.  I want to see why.
  • CBs -- Initial reports are really good, but I want to see it for myself.  Is it a mirage based off poor OL play (meaning the CBs don't have to cover as long), or is it something real?
  • The 3/4 Defense -- Supposedly, this is a HUGE part of what we're doing this spring. 

That's just a few.  Obviously, I'll have more later.