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Baylor Roster Moves: Davion Hall is Officially a Safety

The latest roster on has been updated, and there are several changes worthy of note.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Spring practice just around the corner, and that means Baylor's digital assets about the football team are due for updates.  Today's brought us a new, updated roster, the first showing our midterm enrollees, the latest heights/weights, and a couple of position changes that I think Baylor fans are going to want to see.

The biggest news on the roster is arguably the official announcement that yes, Davion Hall is now a safety.  He's listed there alongside another former WR, Kaleb Moore, as well as Jourdan Blake, who I've always thought of as a cornerback.  Now that the cat is officially out of the bag on that, we can all enjoy speculating about whether he'll take a redshirt year to learn the position (remember: it's been more than three years since he played safety last at the Army All-American game after his senior year of high school) or jump right in.  My guess is that will be decided in the course of spring practice, where he'll get every opportunity to show how much he can do.

Other Notes:
  • Chris Johnson is now officially a WR/TE, as I hoped he might be.
  • DT Jeremy Faulk is listed at 6-1, 265.  When he got to Baylor two months or so ago, the reports were that he was more like 6-1, 290 or even 300.  Let's hope those reports are more accurate than 265.
  • LB Kendall Ehrlich is not on the roster anymore.
  • Former CB/S Terrence Singleton is now a NB, although I've heard he's not going to stick around for his senior year.
  • Zach Smith is listed at 6-3, 220 as not even a true freshman yet (by that, I mean that he just enrolled in what would be the second semester of his senior year of high school).
  • We picked up a walk-on/transfer TE from SFA in Jayson Clements.  I don't know if this is news I missed somewhere, but it happened.
  • DE Tyrone Hunt is still listed at DE, and he's apparently up to 6-4, 265.  He's an intriguing one.

Let me know if I missed anything that you think should be included.  As indicated above and by the title of this post, the big news is obviously that surrounding Hall's official move.  Now, discuss!